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Mandatory Recon Letter for PIP

atarikid Member Posts: 1 Listener
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Hi everyone

I have various physical and mental illnesses that have me unfit for work. I have been on PIP successfully for around 3-4 years now on standard rate daily and mobility (After researching I found from various online PIP tests I should have had been eligible for enhanced however I have never contested this before now). I had a re-assessment just past in December where, although I stated new diagnoses and a worsening of conditions the DWP deemed that I no long needed the mobility component of my PIP. 

I have been informed many Mandatory Recons fail, I dont wish to go through appeal/tribunal so I am writing a long and detailed Mandatory Recon letter with help via templates and CAB and various other organisations. However now I am at the point I desperately need a proof read preferably from someone who has won a PIP appeal at the Mandatory Recon stage. My latest appointment with CAB proved to be unsuccessful as she was just to quick to assume what I was there for and by the time I tried to explain it my appointment was over. I'm just too sick to go out again and face this for a second time. 

So is there anyone out there who I could email a draft of my current ongoing Mandatory Recon letter for a content proof read? 

Thank you kindly 


  • Matilda
    Matilda Member Posts: 2,610 Disability Gamechanger

    Unfortunately, statistics show that only 20% of MRs succeed, and you might be one that does.  But most people who want to appeal have to go to tribunal where 65% are successful.  Going to tribunal is a hassle but in most cases worth it.  A tribunal awarded me enhanced PIP both elements, increased from standard both elements.

    Scope Helpline might be able to help with proof reading your MR letter.

    Disability Rights UK site have a good guide to PIP including MRs and appeals.  

    And there is this MR letter tool: 
  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Posts: 8,845 Connected
    I have to agree with @Matilda. Nobody especially wants to go to an appeal tribunal but there is nothing you can do which guarantees success at the claim or MR stage. If it were that easy we'd all be doing it and I'd be out of a job :)

    At the MR stage the best thing you can do is be very clear which points you're going for and why. Be clear on the law from places like and be clear on the case law from places like Once you've done that, look brutally at what evidence you have. Medical evidence can assist with diagnosis or prognosis if they're in dispute but the best evidence will be your own examples which specifically relate to each activity. So, don't just assert that you need help with cooking, give specific and recent examples.

    By all means challenge the HCP report but focus only on those areas which relate to the specific points you think you score and only in factual terms. 

    Any subsequent appeal would only be framed in similar terms.  
  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,798 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @atarikid and welcome to the community! I hope you find the above advice helpful, it sounds like you're preparing thoroughly for the MR and I really hope you get the outcome you're hoping for. In terms of proofreading, Citizens Advice may be able to offer support. Do keep us updated!


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