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Peoples thoughts on mobility cars

Hi everybody , I'm just curious about why people are rushing out to get their mobility car and having the stress of having to give it up.wouldnt it be less stressful to save your mobility allowance and buy your own car ? All I see on here is people distraught that they have lost their mobility car or are worried they will loose it . I know that some people need their car but wouldnt pip be less stressful  for people if people bought their own ...Or is it because it's brand new and people can change it for another brand new one ?


  • nanof6nanof6 Member Posts: 200 Pioneering
    i think its because its stress free, brakedown, mot insurance, i did it once but now i bought my own from ebay, x mobility car ramp fitted, 19,000 on the clock £3,500 and they brought it 120 miles to my door, that was 2 years ago not a scratch on it, may be i was lucky, but the cash left over is plenty for insurance, and mot  no tax of course, im very glad i did it.
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    @nanof6 Good for you sensible thing to do 
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    Budgie2 said:
    @nanof6 Good for you sensible thing to do 
    Actually I thought if you have your own car you get the m.o.t insurance ...so its just the tax then oh right now I see ....but I still think what you did is less stressful.
  • exdvrexdvr Member Posts: 327 Pioneering
    I'm at the 3 year stage of having to change my car in the next couple of months and I'll be sorry to see it go but my circumstances have changed and now need adaptions and a larger boot for my mobility scooter. While Motability continues to cover the cost of insurance, tax, maintenance, breakdown cover...in fact everything but fuel, I couldn't afford to buy a good reliable car.  I'm one of the lucky ones and have had no problems changing to PIP although  it was a stressful time waiting to be reassessed.  Besides that, yes I'm looking forward to showing off my new 18 registration !!

    Best wishes.


  • MatildaMatilda Member Posts: 2,616 Disability Gamechanger
    Some dealers will give five years' interest free credit on new car purchases.
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    @exdvr Haha I'm so glad I don't drive 
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    @Matilda Yes if seen that on here somewhere .. carnt go wrong with that .
  • jose2jose2 Member Posts: 128 Pioneering
    I too am looking into buying my mobility car,just waiting until next week for a price from them ,the stress of having to fight back for my mobility award nearly killed me off ! ,
    Does anyone know,if you lose your no-claims after being with mobility and then purchase your own car,(as some-one told me I will lose it and hence my insurance will be quite high )??
  • MatildaMatilda Member Posts: 2,616 Disability Gamechanger
    Motability might know what the no-claims position is.
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    @jose2 Good for you hope all goes well .
  • jose2jose2 Member Posts: 128 Pioneering
    Will do @Matilda, will add that to some other questions I need to ask them.
  • nanof6nanof6 Member Posts: 200 Pioneering
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    Thankyou for using this post for advise aswel this is helpful for those who are thinking about getting their own car 
  • nanof6nanof6 Member Posts: 200 Pioneering
    if i new how to put a picture on here i could show the car i had 

  • TopkittenTopkitten Member Posts: 1,263 Pioneering
    Before getting DLA I had lost my car because I couldn't afford to run it. I was also a bad debt risk so could not borrow. When I finally got DLA I was in no position to buy a car, arrange insurance or organise breakdown cover or anything else involved. Fortunately Motability do everything for you. It is actually more expensive to have a Motability vehicle than it is to do it yourself but then, if you need adaptions, they will organise that for you too. Plus things like adaptions can be subsidised. Then there is also the option of a disabled person who cannot drive having the ability to have the use of a car.

    I doubt ofc that any of this will impress the poster as I have noticed recently 2 or 3 names regularly slamming the help we get in making our lives better. I presume they are connected to the system that is also trying to take people's benefits away.

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  • jose2jose2 Member Posts: 128 Pioneering
    Thank you for the information mentioned @nanof6,and also @Budgie2.also as @Topkitten says have to make sure I am not a debt risk as not worked c/o disabilities for quite a number of years,and bought all my own cars from age of 21 years old and had a good job and good credit at that time.
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    @Topkitten Each to their own thoughts that's why I posted wasn't slamming anyone
  • lillybellelillybelle Member Posts: 469 Pioneering
    My daughter is a senior car sales executive for a large company and she has commented on the amount of people coming to them to buy a car because the motor mobility car which they were given has now gone has increased a lot She has said it is heartbreaking at times as they desperately rely on them 
  • exdvrexdvr Member Posts: 327 Pioneering
    The Motability advance payments have certainly gone through the roof but it must be remembered that many makes and models are still available with zero or very low outlay. 600 cars are available with "deposits" of less than £250.    If you want to go even slightly more upmarket then you should expect the price you pay to rise.   Bearing all the advantages in mind I think that Motability can be a very good deal for many people.

    Best wishes.


  • jose2jose2 Member Posts: 128 Pioneering
    Rather reluctantly I I have had to start looking at Motability cars again due to losing a lot of my insurance no-claims,due to an attempted break in 3 years ago and price quoted for insurance to own my 4 year old motability car is through the roof,I have come a cross a site called MASIS and company run by OSV which helps disabled get a new or used car if they have lost their higher rate motability,and at the end of the 3 year term then have the option to buy ,they say the are a charitable firm which helps the disabled ,has anyone heard of this company (they say they work along -side the Motability scheme)Would be interested to know if anyone has used this company. 
  • nanof6nanof6 Member Posts: 200 Pioneering
    i  was watching house of commons thursday ester macvey is looking into the mobility scheem because its a chairty, alotho its tax payers money , and they have 1.5 billion in reserve, and top boss pay is very very high, so some mps were saying they take to much for cars and maybe there will be a rebate comming, but first an inquiry, made very intresting watching.
  • jose2jose2 Member Posts: 128 Pioneering
    @nanof6,thanks for that ,I'll see if I can find her speech ,yes ,I was looking at cars the other day and went to a few garages  ,and some of the advanced payments are steep for a better type car i/e Suv's etc!,(looking at these type due to having to use a scooter loaded in car)told by one garage on a particular car that even though advanced price is £1600+ by March the price may drop to half that.Where do they think disabled people are supposed to find that kinda money. Came out of some garages with glazed eyes and brain ! .You can get a car with 0 % advanced payments ,but been disabled a lot of these cars you have to crawl into and can't get out of because of disability.
  • nanof6nanof6 Member Posts: 200 Pioneering
    it was def thursday or friday
  • nanof6nanof6 Member Posts: 200 Pioneering
    tryed to put it , it was friday just looked it up on u tube
  • jose2jose2 Member Posts: 128 Pioneering
    Thank you @nanof6 ,know who she is now ,will go and have a look on u tube,buy for now. 
  • jose2jose2 Member Posts: 128 Pioneering
    Found some of her other speeches @nanof6, according to her since her appointment as DWP minister were all going to get well eventually ,so benefits will stop ,unable to find thurs or fridays speech she did ,will keep having a look ,see if I can find it,Thanks again 
  • lillybellelillybelle Member Posts: 469 Pioneering
    Well a miracle hasn’t happened to me yet.
    ive been suffering with my disability for 40 yrs
    but I do live in hope
  • jose2jose2 Member Posts: 128 Pioneering
  • mothermadnessmothermadness Member Posts: 2 Listener
    I had high rate mobility on DLA then lost it all as many people to the change to PIP,  fortunately I had my own car but had to down grade due to lack of benefits.
    Happily,  after further awful interviews I got my PIP mobility back but not in the financial position to upgrade my car and was looking to mobility car, is it a good or bad idea?
  • jamie1965jamie1965 Member Posts: 85 Courageous
    We bought a car just incase we were not able to get mobility back when it runs out other wise would be house bound the only way I ever get out is in the car which my partner drives why do they make it so hard for people with genuine health issues to get help 
  • MatildaMatilda Member Posts: 2,616 Disability Gamechanger
    All the government care about is reducing the benefits bill, not helping disabled people.

    I needed to replace my car in 2016 but, knowing I'd have to transfer from DLA to PIP at some point, I bought my own car.  Which was fortunate because when I was assessed for PIP in 2017 I was awarded only standard mobility!  At appeal I was awarded enhanced mobility.  But, had I had a Motability car, rather than my own, of course I would have had to hand the car back as so many have had to.
  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello every body Only view I have on this is that it helps my independence.

    The scheme was set up in the 70's to give disabled people a sense of independence and move our community in some sort of social mobility.

    I recall the days of the three wheeled cars on the road and now the scheme is bigger than ever.

    The Managers of the Scheme have agreements with Motor Manufacturers so that any body getting DLA or PIP who is qualified to do so, obtain a car.  We do know that unfortunately the benefit is not always liable to cover the long term contract.

    That is why when you apply they the Motor Dealerships will ask for up front pre payment.  I have been on the Scheme since 1995.  From that time I would find some times at short notice, I would have to pay advance payment.

    This because when ordering lets say in March buy order goes through by May price agreed has now been revised.

    You benefit you get would not cover also, MOT Insurance, any repairs.  These are all provided and covered by the Scheme and the Dealership.

    I myself as  young driver in the eighties would save constantly, remember those days being employed I did not ask to be part of the scheme.  Even though I was told I could have been.

    Putting away £3000 plus every three years then buying another car against what they will offer was an option I have to do.  So I would have the car for three years maybe four then get an offer of around £1500 or less put that with any savings, new car.  Do it again.

    The biggest expense is the insurance what I think a lot of people do not know, I do having worked in employment in these companies.  You are disabled means unfortunately increased Insurance premiums.  I drive an automatic the extra's and excess is about then nearly £150 plus on the premiums all depends where you live.

    Insurance Companies know you have the disability but in their eyes you are an Insurance risk.  Sorry to say that but it is true, one time the cost for one year one year nearly was a quarter of the cost I had paid for the car.  Which stung me nearly every month.

    In those days I had employment and a was running a business part time.  I could afford it but still felt done by.

    That is the reason many are disheartened to los the car if they fail on assessment or are awarded not the higher rate of motobility.

    There are new rules regarding those who have failed.  Package of measures of transition.  Problem is there are certain restrictions. 

    The cost to the Government this has been in the media later, regarding costs and other facts about the mismanagement of money.  Will that effect us all who are in the scheme, who knows.

    All I am concerned for is the welfare and well being of those who qualify for the scheme, now being told not qualified.  Due to PIP review.

    Being those who have lost independence rely on getting to places or for social means.  Find it a struggle and a loss to their lives.  I lived in villages often with poor transport links, few other alternatives.  I have used public transport and have many not pleasant experiences on them.

    I believe that you can buy your car that you have leased, on the scheme if you wish to if you fail after revised PIP.  Then you will have to maintain the car yourself.  Problem is the rising costs of the car.

    I have read many opinions on the scheme and I hope for changes, should be.  How and when that is up to the Government of the day.

    All I see is members of our community constantly striving to be part of society and being independent is part of that is it not.  Yet getting knock backs and feel threated by the changes to their lifestyle due to revision of benefit.  That is also important as well trying to support those, in need.
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  • GeoarkGeoark Member, Scope Volunteer Posts: 1,375 Disability Gamechanger
    My thoughts are that the motability scheme is a good one, and one that many people depend on. There are a lot of misconceptions and it is sad to see some of them being perpetuated here.

    1. Disabled are not 'given' a car, they choose to hire one.
    2. Disabled people with motability cars do pay for things like insurance and road tax, it is factored into the hire cost.
    3. As with any long term car hire agreement there is an agreed time span, this allows the recovery of the cost of the car and other costs, but also reflects that after a set period the cost of maintaining a large fleet of hire cars becomes more expensive.

    With regards to high reserves in the charity accounts and high pay of the top  boss this 'came to light' with usual standard of reporting and bias of the Daily Mail. Here is a public response to their report:

    "Motability Operations Group is not a charity and does not come under the Charity Commission's jurisdiction as charity law regulator. The company provides a commercial service to the charity Motability, which in turn oversees the Motability Scheme. As many people have stated the Motability scheme provides an absolutely vital and important service to thousands of people across the UK.

    "The Charity Commission is aware of the issues reported in the media today and indeed recently undertook a detailed review of the charity's financial accounts and of its relationship with the non-charitable company Motability Operations. That review did not identify regulatory concerns about the charity's governance or its relationship with the commercial company. It is not for the Commission to comment on the pay of the CEO of a large non charitable commercial company. However, we have made clear to the trustees of the charity Motability that the pay of the CEO of its commercial partner Motability Operations may be considered excessive and may raise reputational issues for the charity. These reputational issues are for the trustees to manage.

    "We also made clear, following the conclusion of our review last year, that we consider the level of operating capital held by the company in order to guarantee the scheme to be conservative, and agreed with the charity, as part of its oversight of the scheme, that it would ensure this this matter is kept under continuous review.

    "There is no further role for the Commission as regulator at this time."

    So not the Motability charity.

    @Budgie2 "but wouldnt pip be less stressful  for people if people bought their own ..."

    PIP would be less stressful if the government followed it own rules rather than continuing its campaign against disabled people. 

    As an individual I stood alone.
    As a member of a group I did things.
    As part of a community I helped to create change!

  • wilkowilko Member Posts: 2,355 Disability Gamechanger
    Having worked since 17!yrs old stopped at 60 with being diagnosed with MS, and awarded PIP low rate on both counts surrendered full driving license to a basic one and own my own car I bought two scooters one for home dog walking and the second for taking in the car boot for shopping ect. Now a year later and my condition has changed I have been awarded higher rate mobility. The car 66,000 on the clock 11years old cost £220 on insurance covering me and my two eldest daughters £70 full break down cover and £105 road tax. I renewed the tryes £200 and the MOT £45 new rear exhaust pile £80 plus I allow £40 fuel per month. Total cost for year £640 plus £480 = £1120. Higher rate mobility for a year is 52 X £58 =£3016 making me aprox £1896 better off and this year no road tax or tryes to buy. Remember you still have to pay for fuel and any insurance excess that arises if you make a claim. I am happy with my car easy acess and can take three adults plus scooter in boot for day out or three adults and child plus scooter on holiday to Cornwall do your sums make your chosse. I don't drink or smoke put money aside for later life did I do right or not I doubt it, the more you save the worst you are.
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