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PIP appeal on Wednesday

issiem58issiem58 Member Posts: 19 Connected
edited March 2018 in PIP, DLA and AA
I have my PIP appeal on Wednesday. 
I am quite well prepared, but any advice from anyone who has been through one, would be very much appreciated. 

The DWP submission had no case studies, no legislation and was very scant.  I sent in a submission that applied all of the legislation and quoted case studies.  So hopefully I have sent enough.

Many thanks in advance.



  • markyboymarkyboy Member Posts: 368 Pioneering
    Hi Izzie when i submitted papers for my pip appeal i quoted case studies it was not a good move as the judge told me that it was his job to make sure the law was applied to the hearing and he did not appreciate my views on case studies as he was aware if any case studies that applied to my case.
    Unfortunately i lost my appeal of which i am now appealing i am not saying that was the reason i lost but it got me off on the wrong foot with the judge. 
    Good luck anyway
  • deb74deb74 Member Posts: 766 Pioneering
  • issiem58issiem58 Member Posts: 19 Connected
    Thank you!!

    I am quite confident, the Child Poverty Action Group helped with my submission.
    I used the reliability and 50% rule.  The DWP and HCP didn't.  I have been told  it looks good.  We will have to see!  Will just be glad to get it over with.
  • MatildaMatilda Member Posts: 2,616 Disability Gamechanger

    Last May I won my tribunal appeal.

    The panel don't want to hear about PIP legislation; they should already know what it is.  They are only interested in what you can and can't do.

    Have your wits about you and be prepared for a grilling.  Tribunal hearings are supposed to be inquisitorial.  Panel might asked challenging questions. 

    Don't argue with the judge.

    Panel based most of their questions on the 7 day diary I submitted.

    The other two tribunal members weren't too bad - but the doctor asked some probing questions.  Asked for how long I could walk (time).  Always relate time to distance as saying you can walk for X seconds or minutes might be interpreted as meaning you can walk farther than in fact you are able to.  Doc also asked how did I know I could only walk 20 yards?  Had I ever measured it?  I replied no, it was an estimate based on experience of distances.

    Doc asked how far from my front door was my car parked.

    Disability person asked about the aids I use.

    Judge and disability person asked if I use a disabled toilet when out.

    The judge and doctor both seemed to think that ability to drive indicates a low level of daily needs disability (strength, stamina).  I only take two, maybe three, round trips of 12 miles or less a week; I find driving long distances tiring.  

    Don't drive yourself to the hearing; take a taxi if necessary.

    Don't dress up, wear clothes with few fastenings, minimal jewellery and, if you are female, minimal make-up.

    Good luck on Wednesday!

  • duckett123duckett123 Member Posts: 81 Courageous
    some good advice there also don't wear shoes you do up with lases they may ask how you get them on off think about your answers, just answer and don't talk to much on one subject. good luck.
  • issiem58issiem58 Member Posts: 19 Connected
    Thank you Matilda!
  • issiem58issiem58 Member Posts: 19 Connected
    Thank you to everyone who has offered advice to me re Wednesday's appeal.  In the end I can only be truthful and tell it like it is.  When I started this from the application to where I am today, I just tell myself that I will take it as far as I can, expect the worst but hope for the best.  I am not going to stress unecessarily about it.  If I don't win my appeal, I can always apply again.
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