Mental health issues
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Any tips or techniques for getting through a DWP medical next week

Lynette1066Lynette1066 Member Posts: 47 Connected
I have to attend a medical next week. Have you any tips on how to act in assessment centre and how to get through it without crying. I am going to take my teddy bear to hold as this is a nice item. I have mental health condition.


  • FedUpWithPainFedUpWithPain Member Posts: 5 Connected
    just be honest and be yourself, try being anything else and they will spot it, and its ok to be scared its your future thats up for grabs - good luck
  • Government_needs_reformGovernment_needs_reform Member Posts: 859 Pioneering
    As many @Lynette1066 have given you some sound advice in your thread you've already posted yesturday here please keep as calm as you can be. One other tip to add which I missed advising you is to take someone with you for support. And your teddy too.
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  • Lynette1066Lynette1066 Member Posts: 47 Connected
    Thank you for this. So new to this sort of thing. But I am going alone to medical. But with teddy. If I take my son with me I will be concerned about upsetting him, and will not be able to answer.  So in this regard, I am happier to go alone to medical. Thanks
  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,653 Disability Gamechanger
    We wish you the very best of luck with your medical assessment @Lynette1066
    and understand it is a scary and unfamiliar experience.

  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 6,570 Disability Gamechanger
    edited July 2018
    Is this ESA (which is a medical) or PIP (which is not)?

    1) Be aware that the assessment starts as soon as you arrive at the assessment centre rather than when you get to the assessment room. This is legitimate and written into provider guidance written by the DWP.

    2) The assessment will be explained at the outset and you’ll be asked if you consent to what’s about to happen. If it’s PIP - They will assume that you have also consented to functional assessments but their guidance says they need separate consent for those and should only do them if they don’t have fully up to date functional information. If you think they do then you could decline to consent to functional testing albeit that that risks them recording that you declined to participate. 

    3) If you’re going alone then take a copy of your claim pack with you to remind you what you said or, if you don’t have that, take a bullet point list of which points you’re asking for. Ask them to read back what they’ve noted. If they won’t then ask them which activities they’ve recommended points on. They’ve no obligation to tell you how many points but there’s nothing to stop them identifying the Brian areas like cooking etc. This helps you to query it there and then if you think they’ve missed anything. 

    4) Make a clear note of start and end time and of building layout. How many steps from the entrance etc? 

    5) Do not take medical evidence with you that should have or did go in with the claim pack? Send it to the DWP decision maker if it didn’t go in with the claim pack.

    6) If it’s ESA then answer specific questions about what you can do by saying “I can’t do repeatedly, safely or or in a work context, because... “. Wguchever of those applies. If it’s PIP then it’s “reliably, repeatedly, safely or in a reasonable time”.

    7) Keep in mind that there is no magic wand. There’s nothing you can do to guarantee that a HCP interpretation is the same as yours. Therefore there’s no benefit in dressing a certain way or behaving as though you’re having your worst day ever and you’re like that all the time. Spell out variations. They’re the most compelling evidence you have. Give examples of experiences you’ve had when trying to describe why you can’t do a specific activity. 

    8) Think of this as the starting point not the end point. It’s a stage you have to go through but there are lots of other stages if it doesn’t immediately work out aspect you hope.
  • Lynette1066Lynette1066 Member Posts: 47 Connected
    edited July 2018
    Its is an ESA assessment. I will take copies of form. I have already marked I cant do due to mental health, but will add notes of your advice. Due to the supportive letter from GP. I will send this to DWP decision maker. Making sure that they have this important letter along with the medical report.
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