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My spinal cord injury

Hi nice to meet you my name is Mark am 40 years old. Been in a wheelchair since I was 9 years old car accident. Am parylezed from the waist down and cannot feel nothing, but I get a lot of erections daily. It's easy for me to get a erection I don't smoke or drink eat healthy. I cannot ejaculate. Me and my younger partner would like to have a baby any ideas what we can do kind regards Mark


  • tharathara Posts: 49 Member
    Hi there!!

    My son has Spina Bifida (SB). It is a disability that also affects the spine although usually children with this birth defect have different levels of paralysis and symptoms. While my son is a wheelchair user other kids can walk independently and safely too. It depends on the level of the defect. My understanding is that SCI patients often have sexual issues. 
  • feirfeir Member Posts: 396 Pioneering
    Probably it will be some kind of in vitro assistance you will need to get pregnant? Maybe even with a donor if you're not producing sperm of they are of low quality, someone will probably test for that first.
    Have you even been to your GP to get referred to someone that could help?
  • PSHEexpertPSHEexpert Member Posts: 170 Pioneering
    Hello! I would think it might require some medical intervention - my understanding is that speed csn be taken directly from the testicles and then, as @feir says, it would require some IVF process.  Have you talked with your doctor about it? 
    - Gill 
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