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To breathe a temporary sigh of relief...

David71H Member Posts: 6 Connected

Hey all.....well I've just finished my epic Mandatory Reconsideration letter to the DWP. They decided after 3 years I wasn't entitled after all.  Nothing has changed for me health wise over those years apart from the slow deterioration that would be expected. The assessor was absolutely Horrible. A drone would've been easier to deal with because at least then I would have no illusions as to whether or not IT had a heart. The assessor clearly did'nt. Will be posting it tomorrow and assuming the cross fingered legs arms and anything else I could possibly cross position till they bother to either put me outta my misery or continue to make it worse. Talk about turning peoples lives upside down and inside out at the time when all you need is help and support. Power Money and status is all those making the decisions care about, not care, compassion and our well being. Good luck to all who are having to go through this awful experience. D


  • blitzy123
    blitzy123 Member Posts: 35 Courageous
    i cant offer any advise but good luck and hope the mr swings ur way .....
  • David71H
    David71H Member Posts: 6 Connected
  • debbiedo49
    debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,904 Disability Gamechanger
  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,449 Disability Gamechanger
    Thank you David, very grateful for sharing your story, you must be a strong and determined person. A beacon of hope for a lot of people best wishes and keep posting.
  • David71H
    David71H Member Posts: 6 Connected
    Hey @wilko, Thankyou. The 1st 2 days after receiving the dwp letter telling me that they'd decided to cancel my PIP award, I was an absolute wreck.
    After those awful foggy days of total and utter despair, I got very angry.
    I still am tbh. I somehow managed to direct all those feelings of dread and despair into fighting this decision. If they don't reinstate my pip, it willl mean having to move into a different property on top of the upset dealing with day to day struggles. So, action stations its had to be. Dry ya eyes and get busy and fight or let these non humans take from us at our weakest moments.
    I really appreciate your comment.
    Amazing how strong we can be when all we feel is weak.


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