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Panic attacks

teacup Community member Posts: 3 Listener
hi I suffer from panic attacks I went out the first time last week it was ok but I get in the taxi and was nearly sick x


  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,671 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @teacup

    I am sorry you are having a tough time with panic attacks, MIND has some great resources on Panic Attacks that might be useful?

    What helps to manage panic attacks?
    Panic attacks can be frightening, but there are things you can do to help yourself cope. It could help to keep print these tips out and keep them somewhere easy to find.
    During a panic attack:
    • Focus on your breathing. It can help to concentrate on breathing slowly in and out while counting to five.
    • Stamp on the spot. Some people find this helps control their breathing.
    • Focus on your senses. For example, taste mint-flavoured sweets or gum, or touch or cuddle something soft.
    • Try grounding techniques. Grounding techniques can help you feel more in control. They're especially useful if you experience dissociation during panic attacks. (See our page on self-care for dissociative disorders for more information on grounding techniques.)
    After a panic attack:
    • Think about self-care. It's important to pay attention to what your body needs after you've had a panic attack. For example, you might need to rest somewhere quietly, or eat or drink something.
    • Tell someone you trust. If you feel able to, it could help to let someone know you've had a panic attack. It could be particularly helpful to mention how they might notice if you're having another one, and how you'd like them to help you.
    (See our pages on self-care for anxiety and treatments for anxiety for more information on what could help.)
    Read Hannah's blog about how she's coped with panic attacks and social anxiety.
    Senior online community officer
  • Ami2301
    Ami2301 Community member Posts: 7,944 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @teacup welcome to the community!

    Sorry to hear you are going through this, panic attacks are frightening to say the least. @Sam_Scope has gave some really helpful tips :)
    Disability Gamechanger - 2019
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