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MR process is getting me down

and72 Member Posts: 4 Listener
edited November 2018 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Hello, I'm new here and looking for help with PIP


  • Ami2301
    Ami2301 Community Co-Production Group Posts: 7,946 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @and72 welcome to the community!

    Would you like to tell us a bit more? Then we can try and find a way to help you! :)
    Disability Gamechanger - 2019
  • and72
    and72 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Hi Ami2301,

    Thank you. I just received my PIP notice to say I hadn't been awarded anything at all. I have been receiving DLA since 2006, I had to appeal then and again in 2010. My daughter had to phone DWP and ask them to do the Mandatory reconsideration (I think) and she asked for a copy of the Medical assessment I had at my face to face assessment, to be sent to me.

    I have received that and looking through it, it's full of holes, untruths and statements or observations from the assessor. Apparently all the while she was making 'informal observations', which I find to be quite underhand. Not everyone has the same symptoms, or markers, or will have the same pain thresholds.

    Things like I didn't seem to be in pain (I had to get up from the very uncomfortable chairs they had, twice, because my leg was going numb and this was using my crutches to do so), I would like to know how a look can assess that...

    I didn't 'look' tired - I'm lucky to get 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night! But because I wasn't yawning or nodding off, I wasn't tired...

    I didn't seem to have a mental health problem, because I made eye contact and seemed well presented. Does everyone with a mental health problem have to be scruffy or impolite? Or not able to answer any question at all, especially about medication I've been on for over 10 years...

    I looked well fed, because I looked overweight - never mind that I told her my weight gain was due to my medication, it is a known side effect. Until I started my medication, 300mg of anti depressants a day; I was a size 10, now I'm borderline 18/20. I told her this and she said on the report that I was eating well, because of my weight. My children have to make sure I eat because I don't regularly.

    My help me with my medication, my meals, my washing, dressing and keep an eye on my mood as I self harm when I'm on a low. 

    I don't understand what they expect from a half hour interview, during which I was in a lot of pain and which rendered me useless for a couple of days afterwards.

    I've had therapy, CBT, counselling, physio, seen consultants. What else do I do? I suffer from arthritis in my lower back and neck area, which makes walking difficult and painful and makes me breathless because I have asthma. I suffer from fibromyalgia, which affects me differently each day. Today we have achy skin, yesterday I felt like my muscles were on fire. I have had depression and anxiety for over fifteen years, when I am bad I don't want to see/hear/speak to anyone, my children have to do everything for me, feed me. They tell me I'm like on another planet. I have carpal tunnel so my grip is not great, but because I shook the assessor's hand, she took that to mean that I'm able to grip things ok?

    What am I supposed to do with the mandatory reassessment process? My children are helping me get things together, but they work part time and I feel like even more of a burden. I feel so down at the moment, like I've been made to feel like I've lied about my illnesses, when its all in my medical history. I just feel snowed under.

    I'm so tired of fighting for everything, feeling like I'm seen as a liar, or that they think they can write stuff about me and people will believe it. I'm becoming more and more paranoid each day, I think that if it wasn't for my children, I wouldn't be here. I'm just tired.

    Sorry for rambling, everyone. I don;t know if this is the right place to put all this either.
  • Yadnad
    Yadnad Posts: 2,856 Connected
    After the third assessment I had which came back again with a report that states that there is nothing wrong with me I gave up. I know the truth even if they don't and that is all that matters to me.
  • Ami2301
    Ami2301 Community Co-Production Group Posts: 7,946 Disability Gamechanger
    This sounds awful @and72 I just want to give you a big hug!

    You have definitely come to the right place, many members within the community have been in the same position as yourself, so you're not alone in this. 

    I must state that if you are to have any more thoughts of self-harm then please contact the Samaritans (free) on 116 123 or email [email protected]

    Our community is full of incredible members who will be more than happy to help you and hopefully they will be in contact soon.

    If you ever need a chat, we are always here :)
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  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,798 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @and72, and a warm welcome to the community!

    So sorry to hear about your PIP experiences, it must have been really frustrating for you to feel as though you weren't heard. I'm sure many other community members will be able to relate to your experiences too.

    You may find Scope's advice on appealing DWP decisions helpful for preparing your MR. Advicenow also have a great online MR letter writing tool which may be worth a look at. Have a read, and do come back to us with any further questions!
  • and72
    and72 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Thank you all for your helpful and supportive comments. I will try to get my head round it all. It's another night of not much sleep so may as well try to be a bit more pro active. 

    It will be a long time coming I expect before I hear anything back from DWP once my mandatory reconsideration is sent in. 
  • synergy2120
    synergy2120 Member Posts: 19 Courageous
    ive just finished writing my own report for the MR....I had similiar problems in the face to face which i didnt realise till i got the report back from them. The amount of observations she made without me knowing! And none of them really had anything to do with my mental illness. i think the whole process is ridiculous. from the looks of it the people making my decision only looked at the information provided from the face to face assessment and not any of the letters from the medical professionals that actually look after me!
  • Polly2
    Polly2 Member Posts: 15 Connected
    Had the same experience an whilst its frustrating keep plugging away at them. Week 5 almost 6 waiting for a reply for my mandatory reconsideration. Have enough evidence to sink a ship but preparing for tribunal. Good luck
  • and72
    and72 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Can't get my GP letter until he gets back, (which he has now) but I couldn't get appointment to see him in person, until 20th November  :s 

    Do you think its worth me enclosing papers from my old DLA appeals? I've had to appeal every single time, so I have quite a bundle.

    Have made an appointment at Citizens Advice, because I don't know what to include or not. My brain is such a jumble right now  :(

    I've worked out that I have approximately £30 per month to live on. Are they trying to kill us off? I'm just so anxious and withdrawn now, just despondent.


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