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Hi, my name is Amelianna!

Amelianna Member Posts: 5 Listener
I am just waiting to go to tribunal for my ESA!   It was stopped at the beginning of June after I had my 'assessment'.   My anxiety has been so much worse since I was declared fit for work.  I got 0 points all the way through!   I thought that last time I was assessed the lying on the reports from the dwp was a little less and  I got a few points!   This time the assessor said in her report that I bent down and picked stuff off the ground when I couldn't and I told her I couldnt do it.  There was so much blatent lying and insulting.  Saying things like.... 'applicant did not look malnourished'.  I had told them I had trouble eating because of dry mouth, choking frequently!  I also  have almost continuous yeast infections in my mouth along with liver problems and they cause food to taste and smell wrong causing a lack of appetite.  I am guessing they figured that because I am overweight!  They misplaced my mandatory reconsideration application for 3 months too which has made everything take so much longer.  
I cry a lot about the reports and find it really hard to look at them.  They make me feel so bad about myself!  Which makes all my illnesses worse.  I have considered suicide but I think that would make them happy to close another claim
CAB has been helping me and they have been amazing.   So supportive!  I am just terrified I will lose at the tribunal!
I suffer from depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia and m.e., breast cancer in remission for 3 years in December after surgery and treatment!  Fatty liver disease, poorly controlled asthma, non alcoholic gout that causes crystals to form in my joints, arthritis in my shoulders and knees and hips, going out of the house and having to walk is agony and makes me want to stay home!  I also have  a few other illnessses!  
I look forward to being a part of your discussions and advice.  I live in Scotland!  
Take care all and be good to yourselves!:-D



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