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Capita lied about my PIP what a mess and horrible company they are, Fabricated everything and lied.

RTX2080RTX2080 Member Posts: 31 Courageous
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Hiya everyone, I will hang around on here as I like to chat etc. I have suffered with PTSD and severe depression since childhood due to some horrors I went through, I obviously won’t go into details on here but its affected my entire life, Worst thing is I was innocent.

I have become worse as I’ve got older, my memory is dire sometimes but other times its fine, So I found out a few months ago about the PIP and applied for it, I had an assessor arrive who was a Sikh man, Very polite and punctual, shook my hand and off we went with the assessment, He asked me around 13 questions in 20 minutes, he stated he was on a flyer as it was friday and I was his last assessment, He kinda had one foot in the door one out so to speak.

I really and honestly struggled with some of the questions and my wife had to help, I seem to just go "BLANK" and sometimes even forget what I have been asked?

I was never like this?

So he left and a month later I received the letter with the results in, Now baring in mind I have seen several doctors, several psychiatrists and last week a psychiatric nurse and ALL of them told me I am a sufferer of PTSD and severe depression. In fact I was in the Army years ago and was kicked out due to mental instabilities by a military psychiatrist. Way before I knew about this PIP.

So I opened the letter and honestly thought I had been sent the results of someone elses? What a Shower of it was. Lie after lie? Fabricated wordings and statements that was nothing like what happened in the assessment?

He said that due to my image of been clean, well groomed, smartly dressed he awarded me NO points on that question? That’s on the border of being discriminatory.

He also said I DID NOT need any help with the questions? My wife helped me time and time again with them again he lied.

I pulled his results up about 11 times due to lies, I looked online and found this is an issue that Capita has been doing for a while with its Assessors, My wife applied to be an assessor last year with them and found that EVEN someone who has been a carer is classed as having a medical background that’s what she was told by them anyways?

How are they getting away with this? More so the volume of them and the amount of time its been happening?

I went a bit further than most people would do, I have been online for just over 20 years and have a profound way of dealing with issues that are not right.

I emailed several MP's including my local one, I even emailed ALL the senior management at Capita and politely went into details about this with them and I haven’t received a single reply.

Just to let you all know some home truths about Capita here is a series of links where people have had similar issues, BTW I have just appealed so I am not sure how long it takes but when I hear from them I will post on here, IF Anyone has a similar story with PTSD ect and have appealed id be interested to hear what happened?











  • teacakesteacakes Member Posts: 4 Listener
    edited November 2018
    Don't get disheartened the assessments are poor and they find any excuse not to give points, so claimant's just give up I think. 

    I felt the evidence & details in claim form were somewhat ignored & the questions asked were in a style that just didn't fit with gaining further insight. 

     I have mental health issues and scored nil points, took it to appeal & won. So try stick it out. 

    It was about 7 months from requesting appeal to getting a court date but will depend on how busy they are in your area. I was able to get welfare rights representation which made it easier, although very stressful for me actually the questioning from the panel was fair and allowed me to tell my story.  

  • teacakesteacakes Member Posts: 4 Listener
    edited November 2018
    It makes me so angry that people are being put through this unnecessary stress hoop jumping. Let alone all the money being wasted paying these private companies plus court costs with appeals. 
  • RTX2080RTX2080 Member Posts: 31 Courageous
    edited November 2018
    Morning Teacakes, Thanks for your reply, I am not normally up at this time but I am watching an old film called Rollercoaster (1977) The old ones are the best eh lol, So when you appealed you were another 7 months is this correct? your appeal took all that time? Thanks for the support thats really kind of you.

    Best Wishes.

  • teacakesteacakes Member Posts: 4 Listener
    edited November 2018
    Hope the film was good & worth staying up for. 

    Yes it was about 6-7months  very long process, but if awarded the DWP have to backdate to when first claimed.
     Only other option seemed to be putting in a new claim & restarting, when in my mind the assessment would likely be the same again.

    There was an option to fill a cancellation on appeal form but I needed plenty of notice to arrange everything. The Paper type where you don't attend maybe be quicker I'm not sure, they had lower statistics of success and I wasn't confident my evidence was enough. A welfare rights advisor would be best to look at your case. 

  • RTX2080RTX2080 Member Posts: 31 Courageous
    Yeah the film was great, seen it a few times before tbh.

    I just cant believe that some peoples appeals are taking from 6 months up to a Year? This isnt an acceptable time frame! We are not beggars we are not scammers, We are people who the government said they would help and now by the looks of it fail you at the first post and then when you appeal they put the carrot on a mile long stick for the donkey to get, So to speak..

    Well ive been in touch with lots of people over this and if my claim is going to be THAT long i will do what I can to expose this for others as people who are claiming this help generally need the financial support and due to Capita's abhorrent business vehicle where they are failing everyone then its taking a year to appeal is just unacceptable. Thanks again Teacakes.

  • Polly2Polly2 Member Posts: 15 Connected
    My report was fabricated, i did my mr whilst angry prob not the best time to do it but i couldnt help myself. I know advice given here is not to concentrate on the lies of the assesor but i did it before i sought advice. I stripped my report apart but did have medical evidence to support it. My assessment was referred back to capita an i went from zero points to 11. I was ready for appeal expecting mr to fail but there was no way i could turn a blind eye to the nonsense the assessor had made up. Supporting evidence is a must an saved me big time. 
  • RTX2080RTX2080 Member Posts: 31 Courageous
    Morning Polly, Thats great news you won in the end, Its just shocking that you had an unnecessary fight that you were subjected to. Capita are a disgrace on every level. What shocks me more is the fact it would seem NO MP seems to be really that bothered about all this whats going on? the problem is we are in a VERY unstable government at the moment with mays cabinet coming and going, So deciding who to contact is really hard work. All the best and thanks.
  • Polly2Polly2 Member Posts: 15 Connected
    My mum had an assessment earlier this year an sailed thro it with no issues. So it shows there are some genuine assessors but from my experience mud has definately stuck. Good luck with your appeal an challenge them at every angle. 
  • RTX2080RTX2080 Member Posts: 31 Courageous
    Oh I totally agree, Not every one of their assessors is bent, I noticed on the Daily Fail links I posted above it states on there "Assessors are regularly earning up to £20,000 a month by rushing through dozens of appointments" So there is the reasoning and thats where the government needs to start. Offer them a set wage and NOT a ridiculous incentive like that. Thanks again Polly.
  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 6,546 Disability Gamechanger
    That’s laughable. Most assessors don’t even make £2,000 a month as they’re largely part-time.
  • laurenailaurenai Member Posts: 15 Connected
    I'm so sorry to hear about your experience in applying for PIP. I know first-hand how distressing it can be. 

    I myself have just received my Mandatory Reconsideration back. In the original assessment I scored 0. I suffer from severe anxiety, depression and PTSD that I've been treated for for the past 7/8 years. I'm a 19 year old college student. My whole report was made up of lies, and they also picked out that I appeared 'well-kempt' even though I was prompted/forced to wash prior to the assessment as I indicated in my questionnaire. 

    In my mandatory reconsideration decision letter they claimed that I 'attend college 4 days a week' and that I 'enjoy college'. When in reality they had evidence that my attendence is 27% and that it causes me extreme distress going into college, so much so that this is my third attempt at completing college due to my mental health. 

    I'm currently preparing my form for tribunal and I'm in a complete state because I'm absolutely terrified. I'm still unsure whether I have the will power to continue and see it though to the end considering my depression is so bad I can barely see my life in the next few days. 

    Anyways, thanks for reading this small glimpse of my experience in applying for PIP. 

  • chockieschockies Member Posts: 61 Courageous
    Hi RTX,

    Same. Aside from physical issues which I don’t go into here, I have CPTSD, with the depression, and dissociative disorder, and relate to what you say with memory, it’s a ptsd thing!

    I was working but it got so unwell with everything this year I had to quit, and I had to change from dla to pip, I had an indefinite claim of dla so felt supported enough to work when I was well enough but with the change did not get any pip so had to definitely quit work as I no longer had support to stay in, and continue with the tribunal to try and get some help.

    There is currently no other financial support in the uk for the sick and disabled, not even via universal credit.

    The assessor lied about my interview too, I found in all the paper work theyvsaid that I did not receive any specialist help or support for the mental health side of things, which I do and have done for the majority of my life. I’ll have to continue it for the majority of my life too. To top it off, when I received the tribunal pack they did not include the letter of evidence from my current psychotherapist. I had to resend it twice.

    Made a complaint to dwp and the response was that yes I had told them that I had counselling but this is not someone who is regarded by dwp as a specialist in the feild - well last time I checked any counsellor practising without specialist qualification is not acting legally in the uk 😄. I told them I was receiving trauma therapy and this is a life long journey. Trauma therapists absolutely have to be specialist in their feild, how else would they be employed ?!.

    They even said that because I turned up to the interview (which I dissociated for) I could not be awarded any points for mobility. 

    There were lots of problems including direct discrimination in my result letters and tribunal pack, I don’t understand how it’s happening for so many years because it’s illegal!

    I hope everything works out for everyone, also to everyone, did you know that you can email in to the special rapporteur on extreme poverty with your experiences ? They will include your input in their reports if you catch it in time.

    I think it’s important because there is a clear crime against humanity going on at the moment which one day people will be held accountable for.

    Take good care everyone as best you can 🍫.
  • RTX2080RTX2080 Member Posts: 31 Courageous
    That’s laughable. Most assessors don’t even make £2,000 a month as they’re largely part-time.

    Mikehuges. Is it really laughable? Maybe we should start to research facts before we comment...FYI:   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3533925/She-s-f-ing-fat-Government-benefits-assessors-caught-insulting-disabled-claimants-cases-vetting.html

  • RTX2080RTX2080 Member Posts: 31 Courageous

    laurenai & chockies.

    I am posting this at 03:15am as I have always had issues sleeping so I really hope this doesn’t wake you both via notifications, If so Please accept my apologies and anyone else.

    It would seem we are all in this together and it feels such a 'Uniformed' outcome that Capita are doing with claimants.

    I am so sorry to hear about your situations, I wish I could help you both. I am so angry with the government who it would seem are putting this on the "Backburner" and putting less important issues before sorting Capita out?

    Let’s just hope that 2019 is a better year for us all, It would be nice to meet up with everyone and see face to face if there is this opportunity.

    Best Wishes for New Year and thanks.

  • laurenailaurenai Member Posts: 15 Connected
    Hi again RTX, 

    I'm also awake - I struggle with sleeping too. So no worries in regards to the notification here! 

    Yes, it's incredibly disheartening. I've been contemplating contacting my MP over it, and I've contemplated writing a blog type thing detailing the whole process and how I have been dealt with. I'm still unsure of whether I'll do either though. 

    I wish you all the best for the new year! 
  • RTX2080RTX2080 Member Posts: 31 Courageous
    Morning Laurenai, Wow I'm not on my own lol.

    I have already done that and even emailed all the directors at Capita and told them how disgusted I am at their practices, One of them is a baroness and another is a lord. Must be nice to be wealthy and look down on people like they seem to do eh?

    My MP had his PA send me a letter a week or so ago stating he would send a letter to the MP in charge of the PIP when I need it as a letter of support, However he was in the news recently as he might be quitting politics altogether lol It never gets easier does it?

    I would suggest you contact your MP the more backing and support is better for sure. IF you do a Blog PM me it and I'l follow you.

    Thanks and sleep well.
  • laurenailaurenai Member Posts: 15 Connected
    Most definitely not, here's to hoping sleep comes to us soon! 

    Absolutely, I'm actually a current politics student. They won't care, the more lies they tell and the less people who are awarded thanks to their assessments the more money they get lining their already full pockets I bet. 

    I'm quite well acquainted with my MP luckily, so I'm hoping he'll be able to help me out in some way at least. 

    I most definitely will, thanks a lot. 

    You too x 
  • RTX2080RTX2080 Member Posts: 31 Courageous
    Aha! You might be able to challenge them with superior knowledge than I have lol well done for that I am sure this has been an interesting experience for you?

    I agree they wont care, They didnt reply and my email took me well over an hour to type and correctly put together, It didnt come back so 20 years of online usage tells me either they got it or their PA's did? but maybe their spam settings stopped it either way I will never know.

    Thats good to know your in good steed with your MP, I hope it works in your favor keep fighting never give up :-)

    Thanks again I am going to try and get a little 'shut eye' now lol x
  • chockieschockies Member Posts: 61 Courageous
    Hi RTX,

    Hope you had a nice sleep! 

    You have already helped me by sharing your experience, it’s something very positive even though it has had to come from negative experience it has created positive.

    I wouldn’t like to posit that this is the same for everyone, we all have different needs, though for me when someone shares their experience it is exceptionally helpful. 

    I hope everyone will take it on and help themselves as much as they can through to tribunal, and to really foster that all of us have value, no matter what.

    The fact that they write write everything is great, written proof of lies is like grass yourself up 101 because you’ve got back up to what you’ve been going through, it cannot be argued with.

    They can lie and miss out vital info, but you can keep presenting the facts until they acknowledge.

    For those who have no option but to have telephone calls, maybe it might be an idea to ask for everything in writing too and getting it checked by someone.

    RTX I wish you all the best and root for things to work out perfectly so that you get the help and financial support you need. 

    I will update date with my appeal.

    Chockies 🍫.
  • chockieschockies Member Posts: 61 Courageous
    Laurenai, a blog would be fantastic! 
  • RTX2080RTX2080 Member Posts: 31 Courageous
    Hi Chockies,

    Thats great its helped you!

    I agree we all have different needs but we all are on here for the same thing in that Capita and Co have not only lied, but fabricated statements and assessment results causing many thousands of people more stress and those with mental health issues to be shroud in a massive negative curtain by these so called false claims by Capita, And we all want is this stopped and to be given the help we so deserve rather than this 'Outfit' be trusted as a professional by the MP's when it Clearly is not.

    When I found out about PIP I was shocked I actually had a chance, What’s happened to me happened time and time again and in the 70's however its a dark cloud that has followed me where ever I go. When you open up to someone who is supposed to be a professional like Crapita's assessors and they are full of smiles and niceees and then when they leave they do the complete opposite to what you expected and in Very deep and insulting ways, It hurts and makes you angry, The fact that this has been happening for years now and "STILL" is happening make me so disgusted at the Current and past governments who should of prioritised this over less relevant issues.

    Thanks for the wishes and all the very best right back!! :-)

  • synergy2120synergy2120 Member Posts: 20 Courageous
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    Hi, im in the process of a tribunal as i had the exact same experience but mine was with ATOS. They judged me on my appearance and silly things like owning a mobile phone meant i could communicate fine. They even lied saying i had physical examination (i have perthes disease in my hip as well as mental health problems) and that nothing was found. I didnt have a physical as the assessor agreed that i was in too much pain and she had enough written evidence from my surgeons!
    I was so shocked and can understand why so many people give up. But like you, i have contacted my local mp who is helping me to formally complain about this. Its disgusting how we are treated and it seems a pointless exercise and waste of government money. They have saved no money because of the cost of the amount of tribunals.
    My husband has Chronic Cluster Headaches and been on long-term DLA for about 9 years....he is waiting to be switched over to PIP. So not only am i dreading the tribunal for me but i also have to do the process for my husband as well. They have no idea how much the stress of this process makes people worse. 
    But the more people who complain to their mp's etc then the more hope there is to stop disabled people being treated like this x
  • RTX2080RTX2080 Member Posts: 31 Courageous
    Hi Synergy,

    Yeah its a clear pattern what they are doing to us all isnt it, So many angry people like us wanting change and answers and few are listening.

    But I see 2019 is going to be a change and for the better, I think the government will settle down from where it is at the mo and knuckle down with issues like this which urgently want sorting.

    I hope you get the right results and have a wonderful NYE :-) x
  • chockieschockies Member Posts: 61 Courageous
    Hi @RTX2080 and hi @synergy2120 hey you’re right they have saved nothing at the expense of people’s health and lives.

    The government knows this, which is why I strongly believe there is a crime against humanity being committed.

    I wish you and your husband strength to go through the tribunals, and that things work out perfectly for you both. 

    @RTX2080 You are very welcome and no, it is never easy opening up about things and what they are doing is not humane in my view.

    Its also like a betrayal, opening up to someone and being shown good human nature.. then to have the lies, it’s quite a destructive psychological warfare.

    I was surprised to come across the huge amount of information about this from people and professions across the uk, and even with the special rapporteur.. also that this has been going on for a number of years without intervention.

    There is a death toll involved, an actual death toll and it is continuing even after being pointed out by more than enough people and professional bodies.

    Chockies 🍫.

  • RTX2080RTX2080 Member Posts: 31 Courageous
    Hi Chockies,

    Sorry for the late reply, I have been trying to get on here but I rolled my PC back to Windows 7 (64) as I dont like 10 and this site wasnt allowing me back on? I sorted it in the end but still..

    I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year, mine has started off well :-:smile:

    Yes there is a lot of info online about Capita and PIP, Sites like this are a diamond when it comes to help and the mods are really helpfull too..

    Speak soon and thanks :-)
  • chockieschockies Member Posts: 61 Courageous
    Hey @RTX2080 no worries at all, I understand that life is like this 😀.

    We had a lovely Christmas & new year thank you, despite all sorts going on it was lovely and hope that it was a good time for you too.

    I will check out google and see what comes up, thank you.

    Hope the week ahead brings all good things to you and your family.

  • RTX2080RTX2080 Member Posts: 31 Courageous
    Hi Chockies,

    Glad you have a great Xmas, We did too :-)

    FYI and anyone else just look at the TSUNAMI of negative comments and reviews on Capita's '#Careers" Facebook group, Again none of them have been answered and the volume is very worrying!

    Can this company do "Anything right"?

  • chockieschockies Member Posts: 61 Courageous
    Hi @RTX2080 that’s great to hear 😀.

    Thank you for the link, I cannot see the page because I’m not a Facebook user.

    Would love to see them!

  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 6,546 Disability Gamechanger
    RTX2080 said:
    That’s laughable. Most assessors don’t even make £2,000 a month as they’re largely part-time.

    Mikehuges. Is it really laughable? Maybe we should start to research facts before we comment...FYI:   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3533925/She-s-f-ing-fat-Government-benefits-assessors-caught-insulting-disabled-claimants-cases-vetting.html

    No idea how I missed this post so apologies for the belated response. 

    We all know what subsequently happened to the assessor in question but there are a number of points to be made in response. 

    1 - you take your “facts” from the Daily Mail. That’s concerning to begin with. Let’s take their approach to the causes of cancer. http://www.anorak.co.uk/288298/keyposts/the-daily-mails-list-of-things-that-give-you-cancer-from-a-to-z.html Hmm. Perhaps not eh!

    2 - that aspect of the assessors claim was nevertheless subsequently shown to have been exaggerated. That’s both in terms of the rates claimed and the hours worked. The companies involved continue to make great claims for potential earnings but as has been pointed out the figures are near impossible and would require every assessment to last only 20 minutes. They average 45 minutes to 2 hours. 
  • RTX2080RTX2080 Member Posts: 31 Courageous
    edited January 2019
    Hi Mike, Evening to you.

    Thanks for the reply. I do agree the dm is an abomination of quite often lies, Saying that there is still some elements of truth in 'Some' of their stories and as that person in question was on camera saying what I stated he was then I knew no other.

    I did like that link you posted, its really exposes them lool. and the story about the " Nigerian astronaut lost in space needs £3m to get home" was absolutely hilarious I almost cried reading it haha thanks.

    In defense of the "20 minute" assessment, Mine was about that long, the guy turned up on Friday and couldn't get out the door quick enough, He was in and out, He was typing so fast I thought his fingers were going to drop off? He told us I was his last client, I though he may as well have a foot in the  door one out, He made so many hints about having a "Flyer" as he put it lol.

    As the assessor was real and I haven't seen any evidence that proves he lied yet lets call a truce.

    Many thanks again.


  • RTX2080RTX2080 Member Posts: 31 Courageous
    Hi Chockies, Well the company just gets lambasted time and time again by people who have tried to work for them or have worked for them, Hardly anyone speaks good about capita...Cheers
  • maxi14maxi14 Member Posts: 6 Listener
    @RTX2080 do not worry we are so many that have been victimised from Capita, unfortunately, I had the same experience....
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