Cerebral Palsy
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CRPS question pain management

AndyDurhamAndyDurham Member Posts: 16 Connected
edited March 2019 in Cerebral Palsy
Hello,  my CRPS was a result of successful cancer treatment in 2014. I was finally diagnosed in 2016 having CRPS as the condition worsened.  I'm very much on a spiral were I'm unable to do more and more without causing significant pain or causing a flare up. 

I was on 1,800mg of gabapentin a day but felt to have hit a plato, ie wasn't having any effect.  I'm now on 150mg a day of Pregabalin which is the better of the two drugs by far cause I can feel the benefits yet the pain levels remain severe. 

I've asked my gp and neurologist about pain patches and have been advised against them.  In addition to pregabalin I also have sertraline 150mg a day and have solpadol to help ease the pain. As well as self medicated CBD. 

The pain levels are just short of me wanting to cut my legs off and I spend the majority of my time with my legs elevated and under an electric blanket.

My quality of life has drastically gone down hill.  I cant walk far even with crutches, and I'm struggling with even light duties around the home.

There has to be more that can be done, is there anything which I can request from my supportive GP?  


  • Pippa_AlumniPippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,851 Disability Gamechanger
    I'm so sorry to hear about your pain @AndyDurham, I only know a little about CRPS but I've heard how tough it can be to manage.

    I wonder if it's worth asking for a pain clinic referral?

    If you find you're having difficulty managing your pain, ask your GP for a referral to a specialist pain clinic.

    Pain clinics offer a wide range of treatments and support. They aim to support you in developing self-help skills to control and relieve your pain.
  • AndyDurhamAndyDurham Member Posts: 16 Connected
    @Pippa_Scope I've recently asked for one.  My GP is very supportive but I feel hes gotten to the end of the what he can do road.   x
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