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RGK Wheelchairs and applying for one through Lord Tavener’s

ablack619ablack619 Member Posts: 5 Listener
Hello, I’m new to this. I was wondering if anyone has had any first time experience of obtaining an RGK wheelchair and first time experience of applying for funding through Lord Tavener’s - this can be sports or daily life chairs. The reason why is because I’m interested in hearing from people who have got an RGK chair and what the experience of getting one is like. I am thinking of getting an AllStar sports chair or getting an Elite chair as I play wheelchair basketball but I also would like to have a daily chair as I currently use a standard chair which is massive for me as I am quite small in size, and in weight too . Fire away any experiences you’d like to share, much appreciation! :smiley:


  • Matt_ScopeMatt_Scope Navigate Posts: 56 Pioneering
    Hi,  I'm not in a position to recommend one manufacturer over another, however I have had an RGK in the past and used one for recreational Basketball etc, so I feel I am in a good position to comment. 
    RGK chairs are very much made to measure as Im sure you know, there is little adaptability once you have been measured up.  This is true of other firms as well but there are also other well known brands that allow you to change heights etc in a way that the RGK style chairs tend not too.
    So if you know your positioning etc , then RGK, along with one or two other firms that closely link themselves with Basketball, may be the way to go, however if you are likely to grow, or often change your positioning, I would suggest some of the chairs that are more generic.  Or maybe go the bespoke RGK style route for the Basketball chair and the more generic route for the day chair (as I have now)     
    My experience getting measured with RGK was excellent tbh and I am fairly small and light too , but again I think most companies offering chairs that are bespoke, are good at this, as they have to be and some of the top retailers who sell a number of brands have this expertise too.
    the only other issue with Bespoke chairs like RGK produce is the time frame, they can take a few months to deliver and when you add external funding this can grow longer. 
    You mention Lords Taverners specifically and I am pretty sure I do know school age people who have similar chairs funded through that route as well as from other charities, I suspect that decision would come down to an individual decision on your  application.

    Good luck
  • ablack619ablack619 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Hi Matt, thank you for responding. Is the time length of funding generally long with any charity organisation or organisations such as Lords Taverners? So you are saying that companies to are linked closely to basketball such as RgK may be the way to go? What tips or thoughts would you share to a beginner person in this field like myself? In terms of what to think about when browsing sports and daily chairs. And tips in regards to requesting funding or a grant? I’ve heard about NHS however I’m unsure if NHS will help me out as I can walk fairly well, just to an extent of distance with chronic pain if that makes sense. Many thanks.
  • Matt_ScopeMatt_Scope Navigate Posts: 56 Pioneering
    Hi,  Firstly, It might be worth you contacting the NHS wheelchair service, because if you are do qualify for a chair under those rules, then the may give you a voucher for part of a privately funded chair.
    However I do think you are on the right lines with the sort of funding route you are looking at with Taverners etc and while I don't know the individual time scales for those funders, gaining this funding may take some time, as will building the chair if you chose a bespoke chair like an RGK.. 
    the fact that you say you are knew to this makes me think that while RGK make great chairs especially basketball chairs, these chair may not allow you to change your set up in a way in which you may require, so I might suggest the possibility of an RGK or a chair of similar design for basketball and a more generic sports chair for your day chair.
    I think I would suggest that you go to visit a retailer for sports chairs.  there are a few of these around and they will supply a number of companies rather than just one and will give impartial advice.  All the companies and retailers also know quite a bit about funding streams and NHS vouchers, so if I was you my next port of call would be finding one of those online.  .

    have fun searching!
  • ablack619ablack619 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    I’m afraid that I’d probably be rejected to get a voucher or a chair scheme due to being able to walk to a certain extent.
  • Matt_ScopeMatt_Scope Navigate Posts: 56 Pioneering
    Sounds like the funding route is the way to go then. 
    There are a number of options you will find online including Taverners.  Make sure you choose the right one for you as well as the right choice of chair.   You are certainly looking in the right areas., but there is a lot of choice out there.  enjoy your search, good luck!.
  • ablack619ablack619 Member Posts: 5 Listener
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