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Had tribunal June 2016 reccomendation on tribunal notice.. due to level of disability not to be reassessed again. Just received new assessment form.   in bits to have to go through it again can I ask for ma oratory reconsideration on the decision to send me the form 


  • poppy123456
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    Are you sure this is what was advised for ESA? The new rules for the special conditions group weren't introduced until October 2017 and as your Tribunal was June 2016 then you will be re-assessed anytime from 3 months. See link for confirmation.

    If you're placed into this group after this assessment then you will no longer be re-assessed. Until that happens then i'm afraid you will need to return that form no later than the date stated in the letter.

  • debsidoo
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    Hi @geosme
    It maybe an idea to include a copy of the tribunal report for clarification.It won’t stop you getting another assessment but it may help with the assessors conclusion.It can’t hurt your case to try.Good luck.