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HELPING YOU OUT, of your benefits/entitlements

ThreesticksThreesticks Member Posts: 128 Pioneering
I have been reading some quite harrowing posts today. I feel for the people who've been on other benefits in the past and now have lost entitlements due to this Governments new systems.  There are some good links on here, you need to use the search box at the top of the pages.

However, if you haven't understood this, their new system is designed to take you off any type of higher entitlements, you need to do a little research. Someone has to pay these corrupt politicians there £80 k pay increase, and we're their target. Bedroom tax, is just one of their methods and now hitting any type of claim, from new to old and reduce their bill. Unless your Boris Johnson,  who can find billions to give away all of a sudden. Geeze, All these private profit making companies, like Atos, Capita,G4S and all the rest on the gravy train. All paid for by reducing OUR entitlements. Lest we forget, it's our money in Tax.

So just be happy with your lot, and if you speak the truth on here you will be shut down by the MODs, just like I was in an  earlier post, locked out for asking simple questions and pointing out the truth. But you cannot silence the truth, will out.
If you fight, you won't always win. But if you don't fight you will always always lose.


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