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Hi i am just wondering i have been handing sick notes in for 3 months now nearly 4 months due to my mental health i was just wondering if i have to fill a form out for wca or lcwra or anything to get it, or would i get it automatically?


  • poppy123456
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    You need to ask your case manager to refer you for the WCA, if it hasn't already been done. Once this is done you'll receive the WCA forrm that will need to be filled in and returned with all your evidence.

    Then you'll most likely have to attend a face to face assessment because most people have them. After this a report will be returned to DWP and a decision maker will decide which group if any you'll be placed into. It can either be LCWRA, LCW or fit for work. If it's LCWRA then you'll receive an extra £336 per month from the 4th month after you sent in your first sick note.
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    Hi @itsJustJosh and a very warm welcome to the community! I hope this is a smooth process for you, but please do be in touch if we can do anything else to help. :)
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    Hello @itsJustJosh. Just to reiterate what Poppy has said, they are supposed to refer you for a work capability assessment after 29 days of handing in fit notes from your GP. However, in practice this doesn't always happen and you may need to give your case manager a call and ask to be referred. Best of luck! :)