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As a community champion here on scope, I think this is probably the first time i've ever posted a thread about myself. Usually i just give advice to others and forget about myself...typical of I'm not even sure if i'm posting this in the correct place, so sorry if it's wrong and please feel free to move it..   BUT i'm so excited this evening i needed to share my news!!!!

We all know just how difficult it is to find a landlord that accepts those claiming DSS. It seems like we are all "shoved" in a corner and treated -cough- differently. I spent 9 months constantly searching the internet,  pulling my hair out at times with pure frustration when i try to contact a landlord or agency and i'm ignored. Some don't even have the manners to reply. Makes me so mad.

A couple of weeks ago a viewed a lovely 2 bedroom house, just 20 minutes from my eldest daughter. Front and back garden, very low maintenance because gardening is my worst nightmare lol. I loved the house but didn't want to build my hopes just incase i was refused.

I needed a guarantor and luckily that wasn't a problem for me, my eldest daughter very kindly agreed. She knows there will never be any problems, having rented for 12 years i've never been in rent arrears.

After waiting almost 2 weeks for the all the checks, references etc today i had a phone call from the agency to say that they have accepted me as a tenant!!!! I''m so excited, if i could jump up and down i would.

They allow pets so i'll be taking my cat Alfie with me and of course my youngest daughter.

I've lived in a ground floor flat for over 2 years and hated every minute of it, so finally being able to move into a house is so exciting. Just 1 month from now and i'll be moving in.....I have my son-in-law and several of his male friends to help with the move and a van free from where he works.I just need to do the worst bit......PACK :s

I'll be away from the internet for a short time while i move and could potentially have no internet access until i'm reconnected. I will of course let admin know when, just in case you wonder where i am ;)

Super excited and doing the happy dance "in my head" haha.

Wish me luck! :)



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