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Awarded 0 awaiting Telephone tribunal hearing

dwolf94 Member Posts: 11 Connected
edited October 2019 in PIP, DLA, and AA
hi I’m new to this and have never posted before, 

20 months ago I had an assessment and was awarded 0 points. I was in the WRAG of Esa and apart of that was told in my assessor report even though I’m told the 2 would never overlap or influence a decision based on the fact they had nothing to do with each other.. I’ve read a few times now about assessment inaccuracies & have fallen victim to that myself. 
She told lies in regards to my home and my situation she reported my sister took me shopping and supported me daily but I live over 90 miles from my sister and neither of us drive or could afford that kind of commute daily. She reported I had a flight of stairs with a handrail, I lived in at the time a ground floor apartment 1up & 1down to get upstairs you’d of had to use a different door outside which for obvious reason is locked because only my neighbour can access to get to their own home, she reported she went up the stairs and saw my bathroom had a bath and a hand rail I had no upstairs nor a rail on my actual bath. She never even left my living room or sofa. I asked for a break as it was getting to much she reported my assessment was less that 30 minuets she was there well over 1.30hr and was really stressing me out until I told her I could no longer do this. 
I suffer with Severe depression PTSD & anxiety along with hursitusim PCOS being around strangers in general causes episodes for me and being under instense stress really triggers my ptsd especially people who or relentless and have aggressive manner about them this triggers my ptsd and it left me in a state of shock for about 4 days afterwards I felt very on edge. I never leave my home I don’t cook as I have family who make food and freeze for me to Isengard the microwave due to almost causing a fire because of my medication makes me very sleepy. I don’t sleep at night time because of the dark so I take my meds around 7-8am and I sleep through the day where I have sunlight or light in general there was a few occasions I had taken my meds and fell asleep whilst my cooker was on and was woken by my fire alarm so I no longer cook as it really scaredy-cat me when this happened. When I say I don’t leave my house it’s no exaggeration which is how she reported it I really don’t I find it incredibly overwhelming and when I do go out I have to have at least a week in advanced to prepare and brace myself for it. In social situations some things like smells or looks can cause ptsd episodes and sometimes I act uncontrollable because of this I carnt engage with people unless I have a family member with me and enough space around me I can become agressive there have been times I’ve had an anxiety attack and lost control of my bladder. Sometimes I’m stuck in a state that I simply can not get out of. I am waiting for a physiologist but I’m on a 18 months waiting list. I have no idea what to expect with the tribunal and I get anxiety just thinking about it I don’t know what to do 


  • markyboy
    markyboy Member Posts: 367 Pioneering
    If it was on the report that you had a hand rail on the bath it should be classed as an Aid and get you 2 points
    You need to study what PIP is all about before you have your telephone hearing get someone to go thro the descriptors with you and how your disability affects you carrying these out it's no good just stating all your medical conditions this will not get you PIP.
    It is my view that judges do not want to hear that assessors have lied put your case forward why you should get points for each descriptor that relates to you and they will soon come to their own conclusions that the Assessor got it wrong 
    Good Luck
  • BenefitsTrainingCo
    BenefitsTrainingCo Member Posts: 2,622 Pioneering
    Hi @dwolf94 Benefit appeals are worrying enough without having to wait as long as everyone does at the moment for them.  Assuming your appeal is for PIP I would first suggest you have a look at the way it is scored so you know the type of things the tribunal will ask you about.  You can see the activities and their scores here.  Perhaps you could make some notes against any of them that are relevant to you, so that you can refer to them during the appeal, this helps to ensure you tell them everything you want to without you having to think on your feet when you are feeling so anxious.  I assume you will be telephoned whilst at home.  If so, ask a friend or family member to be with you during the call.  This may help to give you some reassurance too.  There will be 3 people on the panel.  When they call, the person who chairs the panel (we call them a judge but they are just a normal person who is legally qualified!) will do introductions and will then usually pass over to the doctor.  The doctor will ask you about your health history, treatment and medication and about how you are when you are outdoors.  The final member is a lay person who perhaps has a disability or works with people who are disabled.  They usually ask about the daily living activities.  They can all ask questions but it usually follows as I have outlined.  If there are things you want to ensure you say, again make a note of these so you do not forget and you should be given time to add anything else before the hearing finishes.  You are likely to get the decision in the post a few days after the hearing.  I wish you all the best with it.  Sarah
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