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Surprise letter..... part 2

poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,549 Disability Gamechanger
Hello everyone,

I thought i should post again regarding the surprise letter because i did start the other thread some weeks ago. Well. the postman arrived today with a letter from Scope telling me i had won the award for empowering others. This award is given for supporting and empowering disabled people and their families for the benefit advice i have given to members which has helped them progress their claims more confidently.

I have no idea what happens next but it says my volunteer manager will arrange a time to present me with the award very soon.

-cough- i honestly wasn't expecting to win this award because there's other Community Champions here too and we all deserve awards. I love advising others and spending my time helping as many people as possible, despite the difficult times i'm experiencing in my life right now.

I know there must be others that have received an award, infact i know of at least one person... you know who you are my dearest friend, are you going to reveal yourself? B)<3

Thank you scope and all the admins for this, it really does mean so much! Of course i'll continue to advise others, the best way i can. Smiling from ear to ear and you really have made my weekend!



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