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Carers help

kenny Member Posts: 74 Courageous
Hi everyone, I am the mum of a 34 year old man, who is wheelchair bound because of cerebral palsy, and has  suffered severe mental health problems, I am 71 years of age. My son is entitled to a direct payment, and for the last seven years he has been using it to take him to and from the gym, and to get out and about, this has helped his mental health improve, also strengthen his body. Because he also has a car on the Motobility scheme, but which only his Dad can drive,as he works full time, so is only available evenings and weekends to take our son out, social services, in their wisdom have decided he cannot use the money for taxis, and must use it on what they dictate. I have health issues of my own I receive no help in caring for my son, I believe social services can use their discretion, that direct payments are made to empower people's lives, in whatever way that may be. Has anyone got any advice please.



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