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Amount paid in Esa

My husband claims esa. He gets contribution based and is in the support group. 
I've just had an updated letter from income support as my income support tops up his esa. 
I've noticed on the is letter it states he receives £111.65 in esa but he doesn't, he receives £110.75. 
I'm wondering why he receives less than the amount stated on the website. There are no deductions listed on his award letter and he's received this amount since 2018. 
I've never noticed the discrepancy until now (I'm really not good dealing with benefits and the whole things sends me into a tailspin as I have problems with anxiety)
I've tried ringing insome support to see why they have a different figure but I think they've now gone home for the night. 
I'm wondering if I should contact esa and ask why my husband is getting a pound less each week. I'm terrified of ringing the esa people as I'm always scared they'll reassess him. 
Does anyone have any ideas as to why he's getting less than he should? 



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