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Hi I joined this group 2 weeks ago and wrote I was going to a tribunal for pip. It was horrible, the judge was nice, but the doctor was horrid. I completely broke down and my husband had to explain my day to day pain. Anyway we didn’t wait for the result as I was in such a state, but I won I’m still in shock and glad it’s over.


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    Hi @robertson_jane1 - I'm very sorry to read the PIP tribunal was so stressful for you, but pleased there was a good outcome.
    Congratulations that all worked out well, & hope you can relax now. Thank you for letting us all know. :)
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    Why are so many doctor's so horrible in these tribunals? They should be ashamed of themselves!
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    Hi @robertson_jane1! I'm sorry to hear that the doctor was so horrible, that cannot have been a pleasant experience. However, I'm so glad to hear that you won!

    Please take care. :)