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A level

66Mustang Community Co-Production Group Posts: 6,551 Disability Gamechanger
edited March 2020 in Coffee lounge
I started my A level maths course in mid January but I’m finding it really hard and am not enjoying it. I will read a page of the learning materials but the information just won’t go into my head! I think online learning is a difficult way to study maths, I really need a teacher in the room with me.

With that in mind I should be allowed to transfer to another subject. I just need to decide which other subject to do instead. I know only I can decide this and sorry for making a thread about myself, haha, I just wanted to share my thoughts and maybe get some opinions :)

Considering at the moment:
Physics - I like this subject, especially space and the universe
Economics - I’m very interested in the stock market and money
English Language - I like writing and want to get better at it
Philosophy - a subject I really enjoy but maybe not very useful career-wise?

Hmmm, not sure! What do you think?

Thanks for reading.



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