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Hi, my name is HT1997!

HT1997 Member Posts: 2 Listener
Greetings. I'm basically just a guy who lives in North London. You can, however, call me someone of two worlds as I've lived and studied in another country for 6 years. I am diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, which means I tend to be very socially awkward and excitable. However, I've also had my bouts of anxiety, depression and the feeling of low motivation. And I have a lot of difficulty simply making friends. I'm currently 22 (turning 23 in October 5th) and I'm studying  Bachelors: Journalism + Communications at university in my third year. 


  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 15,072 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @HT1997 Welcome to the community, its great to have you on board.

    Have a look round maybe start in the coffee lounge and feel free to join in any discussions and also ask if there is anything you want to know.

    This is a really friendly community with lots of members who suffer similar conditions to yourself. I look forward to seeing you around
  • steve51
    steve51 Member Posts: 7,154 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @HT1997

    Good Afternoon and Welcome to our online community.

    I am one off the Community Champion’s here at Scope.

    Please please have a good look ? around & let me know if there’s any help you need????

  • Chloe_Scope
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    Hi @HT1997 and a very warm welcome! How have you found your course? I imagine journalism is really interesting!

  • chiarieds
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    Hi @HT1997 - Welcome to the community from me too, & thank you for joining & sharing about yourself. I hope you're enjoying Uni despite the difficulties you face. My son is socially awkward too (he was described by a neuropsychologist as 'next door to Aspergers'), & has suffered depression. He's now doing well.
    What does the communications part of your course entail? :)
  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,552

    Scope community team

    Welcome to the community @HT1997. :smile: What other country were you living in? :smile:
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  • Ails
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    Hi @HT1997 and welcome to the Community.  How are you today?  It's nice to meet you and thank you for the interesting introduction.  Are you enjoying being at uni?  Your course sounds really interesting!  

    I hope you will enjoy being part of our Community as it is a lovely place to be full of supportive, friendly people!  I'm sure you will fit right in here!  I look forward to seeing you around anyway.  If we can be of any help/support to you then please just say.  All the best.  :smile:
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  • HT1997
    HT1997 Member Posts: 2 Listener
    edited June 2020
    Sorry for the late response.

    Journalism is... pretty tough. It's interesting in its own way and there is some degree of fun to be had, especially if you're the outgoing kind, but at the same time, you also need to be well-versed about human interaction and some degree of psychology. This is a topic about human interaction at times at the end of the day.

    As a student with Autism, it does seem to be pretty challenging and I do respect that. However, my own social anxiety has been a personal demon to the point where I'm introverted even digitally. 

    I lived in Pakistan around 2006-2012. Living there developed my academic mindset to a good degree, though living there also cost me to have my diagnosis pretty late. For context, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in October 2014 two weeks after my 17th birthday. 
  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,552

    Scope community team

    You're not alone in being a bit of a digital introvert @HT1997. Do you use a lot of social media or other communities/forums?

    What sort of articles do you think you'd like to write?
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