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Telephone Tribunal Done

clarzier Member Posts: 48 Courageous
Well that's it over and done with - waiting since June 2018 and its finally done. Lasted 2 hours and every bit of information that may or could be misconstrued was but I was able to answer as best as I could. 
Panel were lovely and apologised a lot but said they needed to be thorough to make the right decision.
Still no decision, it was being made today and I will receive it in the post that can take up to 10/14 days. Ideally I would have like to know now as I have to hand my vehicle back but it can't be helped. Im not positive of the outcome but it is over now.


  • Lou67
    Lou67 Member Posts: 993 Pioneering
    Aww hi I’m glad that’s it over, and yes would’ve been better if you got the results today, but hopefully you’ll hear sooner than they sd, take care and let’s no how you get on good luck ?
  • katho31
    katho31 Posts: 692 Connected
    hi, glad that its over for you  :), just my opinion but i would ring them you may wait a while as they are busy, but i rang a week after my tel consultation and asked if id been successful, the man said i had and the report/award letter came posted 8/10 days later. wishing you all the best, fingers crossed  :)
  • clarzier
    clarzier Member Posts: 48 Courageous
    Did you ring DWP or tribunal? 
  • clarzier
    clarzier Member Posts: 48 Courageous
    They did emphasis a decision was being made today but the process isn't quick at the moment due to the current situation we are in. 
  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 15,244 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @clarzier It would be the court you ring as if they havent informed you of the decision they wont have informed DWP.

    However I would wait as the more calls the court get the more work they have to deal with and also I would only ever be fully assured of the decision once I had it in writing.

    I wisdh you luck and hope it went in your favour
  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Posts: 8,847 Connected
    edited July 2020
    Just to clarify what happens now. After your call the judge will have dictated the decision over the phone to the clerk. That also isn’t a short call. The panel and the clerk will have been in 4 different locations. The clerk types up and prints a summary decision but often can’t do it the same day as the hearing as their priority is to run the telephone conferencing and if there’s multiple appeal hearings taking place then that’s 9:30am to at least 4pm fully occupied with running the calls. 

    Once the decision is typed it has to be posted to the judge for signing. I suspect some judges are allowing clerks to sign to speed things up but I’ve no concrete proof of that. That introduces a further delay. Once they’ve signed and dated it only then does it get sent to each party including the DWP. 

    HMCTS, who administrate all the above are asking explicitly that people do not ring them at present. This is because their staffing levels are well down. It’s better to simply wait. There’s no point in ringing DWP even if the summary arrives with you quickly it may be a other week before it’s showing up on the DWP system and is linked to your case. 

    You should be aware that DWP are also low on staff at present so the usual 6 to 8 weeks to implement any award can be longer. 

    However, DWP have the same appeal rights as you would have had if you’d lost. This includes the right to request a more detailed statement of reasons within a month of the date on the summary decision. This can delay payment further but it shouldn’t be interpreted as DWP definitely appealing. Most times the matter goes no further. They’re just having a speculative look to see if there’s an error of law. The only ones they appeal tend to be test cases or ones with apparently obvious errors. Thus, you shouldn’t panic if DWP say they’re not paying up immediately and have requested a statement of reasons and record of proceedings. In most cases it just introduces an annoying further delay but doesn’t actually turn into a DWP appeal. 


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