Autism and Aspergers
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help and support for possible aspergers.

vinricsmolvinricsmol Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited November 2020 in Autism and Aspergers
hello I’m Shane,

im 24 years old who graduated in illustration at university and I’m trying to find my footing in the working world. Part way through university i heard more about autism and aspergers including the troubles and challenges that people can face being non neural typical. I’ve looking into it a fair amount and firmly believe that I may he high functioning on the spectrum. I’m struggling to keep hold of any job I take on, I either over think a task and want it done perfect which slows me down or unclear direction, anxiety and stress makes me unable to think clearly slowing me down. But I digress, I’m hoping to find some information/ in finding work that I can keep, I would ask on the side of benefits as well but my partner brings in just enough for us to manage currently so I don’t think I’m eligible. I don’t like putting all the work onto her but I feel trapped and unsure of where to turn.

any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated!


  • Tori_ScopeTori_Scope Posts: 4,099

    Scope community team

    Hello and welcome to the community @vinricsmol :) It's great to have you here, and you've certainly come to the right place to get some advice and support.

    I can imagine that struggling to hold down a job would be difficult. Have you been to see your GP about your concerns over struggling at work, suspecting you might have autism, and the anxiety and stress you've been experiencing? They'll be best placed to help you work out how to move forward, and who you might need to be referred to. 

    In terms of finding a suitable job, have you spoken to the Job Centre at all? I think exploring the challenges you're facing with a professional should be your first step, however, as being diagnosed with a neurological or mental health condition would open up some more services to you.

    Regarding benefits, you might want to use Scope's benefits calculator to see if you're entitled to any benefits.

    I'm sure other members will have some more advice for you too! 
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  • Ross_ScopeRoss_Scope Posts: 3,229

    Scope community team

    Hello @vinricsmol and welcome to the community :) 

    Have you visited your GP to try and get a diagnosis?
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  • KerrieLightwoodKerrieLightwood Member Posts: 12 Connected
    Hi Vinricsmol , take heart there are organisations out there that can offer support, first step is to get the right physician, your GP should be able to refer you to the local community team, don't worry that might be the mental health team and they can then refer you to the people that can specifically help with gaining and maintaining employment. and of course help with any other issues you may have Best of luck :) 

  • lallybrochlallybroch Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Hi, My grandson is 17 and has aspergers syndrome .He is so unhappy and depressed and his doctor won't treat him .They refer him to camhs but they saw him a few times then discharged him.He got a place at college doing what he loves but is so depressed he won't go .I think he needs medication to lift his mood .Why won't his doctor treat him .
  • Tori_ScopeTori_Scope Posts: 4,099

    Scope community team

    I'm sorry to hear that your grandson isn't getting the support he needs @lallybroch. I've made your comment here into it's own post, so that our other members can find it more easily. You can find your post here
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  • KerrieLightwoodKerrieLightwood Member Posts: 12 Connected
    Im sorry too @lallybroch do you have any idea of what in his life he would like to change? 
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 1,651 Listener
    @Tori_Scope the OP should avoid the Job Centre like the plague if there's any form of disability involved IMO.. 23 years ago I was on JSA and it was a complete nightmare for reasons I still find stressful to discuss.

    And all these years later the Job Centres are still run by suited jobsworths who clearly don't know what they're doing, for instance last year I went to 2 different local ones and asked about the rules for working hours on enhanced PIP, one guy said 16 hours max, the other said there was no limit, they don't all sing from the same hymn sheet, either that or these Clowns don't know or understand their own rules!

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