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66 today !

SeanchaiSeanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
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Today,  I officially retire ( my 66th birthday ) I just want to take this occasion to thank everyone on Scope who helped me tackle my change over to PIP from DLA and my endless paper work leading up to my retirement . A special thanks goes to Poppy123456 who has helped me at every turn but I also thank everyone who has helped and encouraged/supported  me through the last 18 months .
Thank you all so much and may your God go with you .🙏👍🙂


  • Cher_ScopeCher_Scope Posts: 4,038

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    @Seanchai Happy birthday you!! You don't look a day over 21  :)   I hope you have a lovely day and your comments about the community helping you are very much appreciated.  
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  • vikingqueenvikingqueen Member Posts: 464 Pioneering
        A very happy birthday and retirement  :)
  • Wini1960Wini1960 Member Posts: 129 Pioneering
    [email protected] Hi Happy birthday enjoy your special day🎊🍾🥂🎂
  • woodbinewoodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 4,493 Disability Gamechanger
    @Seanchai a very happy birthday , enjoy your pension !
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  • ArjunaArjuna Member Posts: 16 Connected
    Happy Birthday.
  • chiariedschiarieds Community Co-Production Group Posts: 9,175 Disability Gamechanger
    Happy Birthday @Seanchai - enjoy this special day. :)
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger
    @Seanchai Happy Birthday! I hope you have a really special day! Thank you also for those really kinds words :)
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    Happy Birthday @seanchai! :)
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  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 11,201 Disability Gamechanger
    A very happy birthday and retirement  :D
  • leeCalleeCal Member Posts: 3,690 Disability Gamechanger
    Happy birthday ...put your feet up! 😊
  • SeanchaiSeanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    Thanks to all members who sent their best wishes . Scope is an amazing site indeed.  Thank you Cher for your kind comment ....( not looking a day over 21 ...I wish ). :p   I might just put a photo of myself as my avatar instead of hiding behind my old pal Hamish .
    I hope to be a member here for a few years to come  ...God willing .
    I will enjoy my pension Woodbine thanks ....when I eventually recieve it , although i'm sure I will not be buying any new houses or cars with my pension money 🤔😏
  • chiariedschiarieds Community Co-Production Group Posts: 9,175 Disability Gamechanger
    Long may you be here @Seanchai - your often ending comment, 'may your God go with you' for me is always lovely to see, & makes me reflect upon things, thank you so much, Gerry. :)
  • SeanchaiSeanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
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      @chiarieds Hi my friend....,  yep , I,m Christian ( RC) ....but we are such a diverse society now that I would not like to make anyone feel unwanted or uncared for ...I have friends who are atheist,  friends who are witches . I have my beliefs and they have theirs and everyone is equal in my eyes . I like to read everyone's thoughts on any subject . For years I was a member of a paranormal group ( frowned upon by my religion. )  I can only say I gave saw some weird , unnatural happenings over the years,  that I know there is an afterlife .
    May YOUR God go with you chiaieds 🙏🙂👍
    Gerry ! 
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    Seanchai said:
    Thanks to all members who sent their best wishes . Scope is an amazing site indeed.  Thank you Cher for your kind comment ....( not looking a day over 21 ...I wish ). :p   I might just put a photo of myself as my avatar instead of hiding behind my old pal Hamish .
    I hope to be a member here for a few years to come  ...God willing .
    I will enjoy my pension Woodbine thanks ....when I eventually recieve it , although i'm sure I will not be buying any new houses or cars with my pension money 🤔😏
    Ah it'd be lovely to see a photo of you, if you felt comfortable that is. Here's to many more years and conversations with your friends on Scope :)
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  • SeanchaiSeanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
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    Here I am my favourite place ( my garden) ..with my favourite instrument ( 5 string bluegrass banjo .) I also played acoustic guitar  for many years( which I gave up due to my very bad hearing ). I have had my old guitar since I was 14 years old . I also used to play flute which I gave up as I have now not got enough puff to play it, I play penny whistle , bohdran  and accordion and can knock a tune out of most instruments . I used to play guitar and sing in pubs ( many moons ago ) .I have to go easy on the bohdran these days as my tinnitus drives me crazy . I think the fact that I played in a band for 20 odd years never helped my 24/7 jet engine tinnitus in my right ear.
    "Please take care of your hearing"  is something I tell my grandchildren regularly . My work as a maintenance engineer never helped my tinnitus either ear defenders in those days I,m afraid 🤔😟
    Just an ordinary man , doing the best I can 👍🙂
    Take care ....and may your God go with you 🙏
    Gerry 🙂
  • chiariedschiarieds Community Co-Production Group Posts: 9,175 Disability Gamechanger
    Great to see you @Seanchai - we share the same God, Gerry (I'm C of E & my 3 grandchildren have been brought up RC). I share your thoughts too. I always told my children that you have a faith (or not) depending on where you were born in the world, & your parents, & to therefore show respect to all; they do. I became interested in looking at other religions, & feel we often share more similarities than differences.  :)
  • leeCalleeCal Member Posts: 3,690 Disability Gamechanger
    @Seanchai your paranormal experiences intrigue me, could you share some or perhaps pm me about them? I could do with strengthening my belief in the after life. 🙂
  • cupcake88cupcake88 Member Posts: 952 Pioneering
    Happy birthday 
  • SeanchaiSeanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    Ah  @chiarieds children and your grandchildren will do just fine with a grandparent like you around . It sounds as though they had a good start and a good footing and understanding of the world . We can only pass on our beliefs and if the children, grandchildren follow that , then they have a flying start ...of course I feel  ( once they get older ) they must do what they think is correct for them . We are always here for advice if they need advice ....we tell them how we feel about any subject but I would never foist my beliefs on them , I tell them what I would do but they will have to decide what's best for them . Alas I never had that option , my father told me what I must do and I followed his directions , my brother was around 8 or 9 years older than me and I was expected to follow in his footsteps . I loved working with wood but my brother was an engineer . One saturday night my father came in from the pub and told me I was starting as an engineer ( I was 15 years old) I said I did not really want to be an engineer , to which he replied " you either start work on Monday or you pack your bags and leave the house .🤔😟 That was because his drinking buddy had set up the job for me  and he would not like to let his drinking buddy down 🤨😥

    I say often enough , that there are many more nice people in the world than bad people . I believe strongly in the power of prayer ....I,m not saying I run my life around religion , not at all . I was born and have stayed in the same village all my life ( so far)🙄 .  When the factories and foundries and brickworks and pits around east central Scotland closed in the 80,s , there was just no work,  as there were many thousands in the same boat as me . So I offered my services on a voluntary basis .
    I was never busier , i gave my time willingly and it stopped me from going crazy , . I helped older people who were not able to manage their grass cutting , hedges ect. odd job man .( no wonder I put so much weight on with all the lovely cakes and biscuits folks would make me)  .  🙂
    I have 1001 stories of my life in the village and I started about 25 years ago writing a book . One of the older villagers ( I used to help keep her rather large garden tidy ) ....had a book published ( still available from amazon)  she was keeping me right on the writing side of things and was going to help me get it published ....alas , she died and I lost a lot of my get up and go ( my "dingdoorum" as its called .  So my book was put on the back shelf .
    In our small village ( used to be small until about ten years ago or so) They built hundreds of new private houses in our village and our small village is now about ten times the size it once was ....alas , the newcomers coming into the village were very stand offish . Very few would even say good morning . I used to take my dog for a walk in the village and it would normally take me about ten minutes to walk around the village I could be gone for hours,  just chatting to people and maybe having a cup of tea with them in their gardens in the nice weather . I tried talking to the new villagers but very few would even say " good morning" ...I felt as though the new folks in the new houses were looking at me with though I was wanting something off them . It's still the same to this day ...not even a nod . ...sad really .
    Oh nickname is 'Seanchai '( everybody in the village had a nickname ) alas there are not many of the old brigade left now . Most have moved on to the big house in the sky . Seanchai ....that came from my ballad singing and story telling .
    A 'seanchai ' was a man who used to roam from village to village ( before newspapers and radio ) and the seanchai would tell the village  folks the latest news from around the country ....and from around the world , he would sing a few ballads and for his trouble he would get a few pennies or maybe even a meal. ....then he would move on to the next village . 
    I apologise for my long posts , once I start talking , i find it hard to stop.😣🙄
    @leeCal .....l could talk all day ( week) about my paranormal experiences started at a young age ....well ...In truth my experiences were first started by my old granny , I grew up with her in the house and she was a lovely old woman ( she looked just like the Beverly hillbillies old granny ) .. even down to the round glassies and the pipe . I never thought anything about her rituals as I grew up with it . She had religious statues around the house and on certain days she would spend more time praying in front of various statues and crucifixes.  Certain days she would get out of bed , say her prayers with me kneeling beside her then she would go and turn any mirrors to face the wall ( she called them " looking glasses" ) , at a full moon , she would go to the back upstairs window of the house and slide the window up full , then put her specs on top of her head ....she would then look at the moon  and mumble under her breath some chant or prayer , I could never make her out ....but as she was 'praying' to the moon,  she would turn a silver coin in her fingers at the same time . As I got a bit older I started asking things about her rituals . ...but most times she would tell me when I was  older .All she told me was " do not look at a full moon through glass  She loved nature and she loved when I brought her wild flowers , she would tell me their name ...and their correct name ...and what they were good for ( medically and spiritually) . I suppose that was my path into the supernatural . 
    If nobody complains. ....I could tell you many, many stories of things that have happened to me over the years.  My granny always told me not to interfere with things I know little or nothing about ...One of her saying was " A little knowledge about a subject can be a dangerous thing " ....I never really understood that until later in life . 
    If anyone complains about my rather long posts ( and that's me trying to keep them short  🙂😟🙏 I will PM you some of my experiences LeeCal. Of course there might be a bit of interest but I know that some people are rather frightened of such stories . Someone on Scope asked me a year or so ago about my experiences in the paranormal . 
  • leeCalleeCal Member Posts: 3,690 Disability Gamechanger
    Look forward to hearing from you @Seanchai, thanks 🙂
  • CressCress Member Posts: 498 Pioneering
    Ooh, please do share your experiences on here. ..I love that kind of stuff!
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    Happy belated birthday @Seanchai🎉
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  • chiariedschiarieds Community Co-Production Group Posts: 9,175 Disability Gamechanger
    Whenever you're ready @Seanchai - don't stop talking.....we're all hear waiting to hear more. You're definitely a good story teller/seanchai. :)
  • SeanchaiSeanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    hi guys ....not been feeling 100 % in the last few days ....but I,m ok now , my old bulldog hamish had to visit the vet. So that's takes a bit of organising as well as I have to get my daughter and son to take him as we are still isolating ( roll on the vaccine ....middle of next month for me,  they reckon  🙂
    I will tell now you my first meeting with the paranormal .....although I have been aware of various things happening around me , I never really gave it much thought as it's always happened and if you grow up with something , then you are not really aware of it and take such things as normal .Nothing scary but I was aware of things around me at an early age ....I used to have terribly vivid dreams , i still do . I know a lot of people do that,  especially if you have things on your mind like illness ect. ...but dreams are so vivid that I can relay them to my wife word for word , and exactly who was in my dreams. I sometimes wake up during my dreams  , go downstairs and sometimes make a cup of tea ....when I go back to bed and fall asleep again , my dream carries on from where it left off , it's like pausing a video when I awake and restarting it when I fall asleep again.
    I have met a few people who do that ...and most of then have a paranormal connection of some sort in their lives.I would live to hear from anyone who dreams like that .
    I was twelve years of age , had just started high school and was on my way home one Friday at 4.25 . I was in the bus station ( no special buses for schools in those days ) so it was a scrum to try and get on a bus as there was four high schools in that area and many of us travelled by bus to outlying areas,  my home was in the hills , two bus journeys  away from the school ( around 6 miles ).  
    The bus station was laid out pretty irregular and on one side there were no pavements so it was a matter of walking between buses to see their sign on the front of them and hope they were headed for my home in the hills .
    I was waking down the bus station ( as I said , no pavement ) , the next thing I knew I was lying under a bus . I cannot remember pain as such but my head was out the front/side of bus and I was watching what was going on , it was just like the vivid dreams I had all my life , I was very lucky the bus driver stopped dead ...although he said he never saw me.... but for some reason his bus had stopped dead . It was at that moment i saw what had stopped his bus dead . It was a very tall figure , dazzling white with his hands up as if to stop the bus , this tall figure had his hands up and they were roughly in line with the drivers windscreen , which, when thinking about it would make this figure seven or eight feet tall ....but I knew he was not of this world as he had huge wings folded on his back ....all dazzling white . The driver jumped out of the drivers door on the other side of the bus from where I was lying . and I saw him with his hands on his head in shock ...the white figure walked over ( two steps) and said something to him , put his hand on his head and he seemed to calm down and assess the situation , he jumped back in the bus and slowly reversed the bus off me . My leg was under the wheel , of course i never realised that until the bus reversed off me . I think that's when i went deeply into shock, I tried to sit up but could not do so , I heard someone saying , I,m a nurse ... I asked someone if I could have a drink of water ...someone brought me a cup of ware but the nurse said i could not drink anything , i asked her if she " could just wet my lips ...please " she took some water and wet my lips , it was like nectar. The next thing i heard was an ambulance siren getting louder and louder . The next thing I knew was I came to in the ambulance and someone in uniform talking to me and encouraging me to stay awake ..." stay with us " he said . My injuries were pretty bad , as you can imagine , my leg was pretty mashed up ,as the wheel  my pelvis was broken badly my ribs broken , my shoulder broken and fractured skull . 
    I felt no pain ( that was to come later ) ..the next thing I knew was I was lying on a trolley , nobody around me at all . I lay like that for what felt like ages , but it was maybe around a few minutes , then this very tall , brilliant white figure with  big wings folded, appeared next to me , I asked him if I was in heaven .....he repliwd "No Gerry , your are not in heaven , it's not your time" .... before I went to the operating theatre ...I rwmwbwr a priest blessing me , probably the last rites ...but that was it ....I thought.     I awakened a few days later , a lovely nurse was standing next to me when i awoke , she said  "hello angel eyes " ...those words rattled through my brain , she asked if I knew where I was ,... I,m sure I tried to make a joke of it but found I had trouble talking because of tubes coming out of every orrifice . Within a week or two I was fully awake , my mother was visiting me father never bothered coming in to see me . No surprise there as he never took time in my life to speak to me ......unless it was to moan at me or give me a row .... so I was not surprised at him not coming in to visit me . 
    The story does not end here though , when I managed out of bed ( eventually ) with a wheelchair I used to go to a small day room at the end of the building , I was three floors up in Falkirk royal infirmary , from the day room ( which had a TV and books) . From the day room i could see into large houses which were about the same height as i was from the ground ....and with huge sloping gardens down towards the road , i could see the convent ( which was straight across from me ) and the large gardens sloping towards me . The nurses were busy each day tending the gardens which were full of vegetables ( for their own use ) I waved over to them and they all waved back , this became a daily ritual , nomatter the weather . the nuns gardens were on a huge slope but terraced , and each terrace had different vegetables , and at the end of each terracw was a statue on a plinth , probably of saints,   but I could not make out what saints the statues were .
    I never had many visitors apart from my mother ....and a priest . Not a man I could chat to really ...I knew him from high school but all he wanted was to make sure I had the sacraments and that I was praying each day . I thought about asking him about my tall white figure ...and I went over one hundred times in my head how I would bring it up and what I would say to him. ....but as I said , he was not a man I could chat to and he was always in a rush to get onto the next person on his list. Each day i waved to the nuns who worked very hard in the sun and the rain . At long last I was told I would be allowed to go home as soon as I could walk with crutches .. I worked towards that each day nurse ( who called me "angel eyes " )  I thought often about her and I wondered why she called me angel eyes ....was it because i had maybe been rambling in my comatose state about "the angel " I saw..... ??? ... alas , my 'angel eyes' nurse was not working the day I went home so I did not have a chance to thank her and have a chat with her ...the day came that I was going home , I had my own clothes on and it felt good to be going home , I had just one thing to do ...I had to go to the day room and for the final time , wave tomtge nuns . I stood at the large window in the day room and waved to the nuns ....showing them i had my clothes on and was going home ....they then must have realised i was going home as many of them gave me the thumbs up and a final wave ...the porter had arrived at the ward desk , I heard him ask where I was ....I gave the nuns a final wave ...but ...I was stunned , as I looked at that view of the nuns and the saints on their statues ....but there was a new statue right at the top of the terraced garden ....this was a new statue that I had never noticed before ....butnasni gave a final wave ....this tall statue , waved back at me was my guardian angel who had saved my life and appeared to me as I lay on the trolley thinking I was in heaven . I started crying as it was just to much of an emotional moment ....tye Peter asked why I was crying after all the time I spent in hospital , I should,d be happy .....I just said that I was so happy it was making my cry .
    Thank,you for reading this page out my life would be a few years before  I met a paranormal being again .
    I apologise for any spelling mistakes  ...I need a " ghost " writer . I must add that spirits do not like being called " "ghosts" 🤔🤨

  • leeCalleeCal Member Posts: 3,690 Disability Gamechanger
    That’s an amazing account @Seanchai, thank you for sharing. If circumstances and health allow I’d love to hear more. 

    I hope your injuries healed but I’m guessing they’ve given you a lifetime of trouble. Also I know old injuries resurface as we age, I’m very similar in age to you.
  • SeanchaiSeanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
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    Your spot on LeeCal...I get terrible pain in my leg and hip . 
    I know that some people will read my story and think I,m mad ....I can only say what happened to me . I will post in the next day or so of the first time I met a spirit .I kept a lot of what happened to me over the years , private , just incase everybody thought I was mad . Now , I don,t care what anyone thinks of me . I would have questioned my sanity ( and I have) ...but the good thing is , when I joined the paranormal group there were others with me that witnessed these paranormal events ....and the members of the group had things that happened to them and that's why they joined a paranormal group , to be able to speak about what they experienced over the years.  I was welcomed with open arms into the paranormal ....much the same as i was welcomed here on Scope ....and on Scope I can also read what has happened to others . I think computers are an amazing invention. ....but of course we have to be careful what we say online on any site . 
    I joined a paranormal group and within a day I was listening to recordings of mysterious voices.  This was a recording made in a pub in fife which paranormal members visited ( there are many electronic devices to help paranormal groups ) I listened to a recording of a voice online ....of this pub that was getting strange things happening when the pub was closed  but nobody could make the voice out , it turned out that for many years an old Irishman used to sit in the pub at the end of the bar ( that was his seat at the end of the bar and nobody sat on it , even when the old fella died ) There were glasses being moved on the bar and chairs ( and the old fella's seat was often moved,  witnessed by cctv  . So i listened ...and listened ( my hearing was not to good even then) , but with headphones on i heard what I would call a grumpy old man mumble something ...nobody knew what the voice was saying ....but I can speak a bit of Irish gaelige and did at that time chat to a fella from galway. Anyway , ...the voice sounded like it was saying " shut the file and chair" which did not make any sense to anyone but I recognised it as Irish gaeilge and the voice said " slan go fhoille a chara " ..... It was the old Irish fella saying " "goodbye my friends " in his native tongue . ..problem solved . 
    Many disbelievers think that the electronic device catches stray radio waves and the voices cannot be taken as evidence of paranormal activity .They could be right ..but they could be wrong 👍🙂
    I hope you are keeping well LeeCal ....or do you have some old " war wounds " that trouble you ? I now have to use a stick whilst walking . 😟
  • leeCalleeCal Member Posts: 3,690 Disability Gamechanger
    Thanks again for sharing @Seanchai, the paranormal has always fascinated me. I’ve a couple of strange things happen to me too, synchronicity mostly, but also one or two intuitive moments. The are personal however so I can’t go into detail. 

    Years ago i first met a psychic who amazed me with her abilities. I’ve met her again since too and she amazed me again. How she knew things about me I’ll never know , sometimes I think it’s telepathy sometimes her guide, I’m not sure but if either were true it would be quite something. I haven’t seen her for a couple of years now and she was in her eighties so I’m not sure if she’s still with us. I often remember her and am tempted to see her again but to be honest it’s a little unnerving to be virtually told what you’ve been thinking etc! 

    I look forward to other accounts you might share too @Seanchai,, thanks again.
  • SeanchaiSeanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    Thanks LeeCal ......I am also interested in your dealings with the paranormal ...but of course if they are personal then we will leave it at that. 
    We had two mediums ( phychics) ...I was not always happy of their attitude,  one tended to take over everything ...and the other would hardly speak . The one who would hardly speak used to ( I found out much later) that she used to take money for her " readings" from people  She was also contact the  to ask the the owners of these premises and ask f they would like a " reading" .  
    This was a no no , and actually illegal , it ended the group as we had all signed forms to say we would never accept or ask for money off anyone for our visits. 
    it was a shame as we had a decent group we thought. 
    The only dealing I have had was a reading that a medium did for a friend of mine ...( not our medium but a well know local lady who would do readings in peoples houses ) She would then take the individuals to another room to give them a reading ...but I felt she was brilliant at asking questions without " asking questions" if you know what I mean ....and she would us those answers to help her through the next reading . ...she was booked two or three nights a week to do these readings so she was making a decent living out of these readings .
    Yes , it can be unnerving to be in their presence . ...especially the medium who use to look ...and say nothing 🤔😟🤨🙏
  • chiariedschiarieds Community Co-Production Group Posts: 9,175 Disability Gamechanger
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    Hi @Seanchai - & thank you for sharing your experiences. I hope both you & Hamish are now keeping well. Like @leeCal I've also had 'synchronicities,' which have always been positive. Many years ago, as a daft teenager, my friends & I tried a oujah board, & I didn't feel anyone was pushing the glass around. I was still skeptical, but a little later, tried with a pen in my hand. I can only describe it as spirit writing, & the handwriting bore no resemblance to my own. I had hoped to be a Dr, but being fairly good at English & Geography, & whilst really liking Human Biology didn't help, as I struggled in particular with Chemistry. My 'spirit' writer was a Dr., I didn't ask questions, tho I wondered. Fast forward to when I was a physio student, & not having tried 'spirit' writing for several years, I found in preparing for examinations I could 'see' the page in question that would help me in photographic detail, & if I just let it go my hand would also write an answer. I felt that was like cheating, so never tried again.
  • SeanchaiSeanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    Hi @chiarieds.... , we are both feeling a bit better thanks , between cleaning his ears three times a day , giving him his  different types of tablets at different set times , its keeping me busy thanks.
    Yes, indeed , some things can happen that stirs our inner self and we start asking ourselves questions about these happenings . I,m glad you have found that such things have been positive . I have never come across spirit writing ( well,  I have but it was on a wall or such and at times was unreadable , never actually seen it on paper but have often heard of these writings. Ouija boards are a bit of a dodgy " game" ....they act as a portal and let any spirit through to this realm . if people are going to use them they should pray for clearance from evil spirits ( a thing that we used to do before entering any premises to look into paranormal activity ) also a clearance prayer before we leave the premises . Just to make sure a spirit has not latched on to any of us. 
    I,m sure your Dr. felt he was helping you to become a doctor , personally I don,t think it was cheating . Some people can read a page in a book quickly and the page is photocopied into their brain , I met a fella like that at college and he could read a page in minutes and could then repeat word for word the whole page . I felt he was being helped by the paranormal but ge said it was something he could do from an early age . An amazing feat indeed . If I study ( in my study days ) I had to write it down to remember it ...therefore it took a long time to get anything in my brain .Even these days, I am into shortwave radio and airplane radio . ...hut to remember anything , I have to write it down ....not neccessarily to go back and read it but if I write things down I remember them more clearly .
    It would be interesting to find out if your Dr. was still around , maybe you could try it again . ......although if you don,t use it, you can lose it. I know that contacting ( or trying to contact spirits can be very tiring ....its as ithough the spirit draw your energy and that can be tiring .
    Please stay safe and may your God go with you 👍
  • SeanchaiSeanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    An ending to my visit from my guardian angel ...... I was at a grotto in Carfin , a beautiful serene place which was built by the hands of local villagers , ( it's almost 100 years old and took years to build ). A new visitors centre was added as thousands poured in from all over the UK and from Europe. the visitors centre is closed due to very few people visiting the grotto. .....and just like everything else , it's all down to " money " 🙄
    The underground chapel in the grotto had been closed for many years as it was considered " dangerous" ( insurance purposes ).
    I visited the grotto many times over the years but there were places that were closed to the public . ... Around 25 years ago I visited the centre and much to my surprise and delight the underground chapel was opened . It's small on the scale of things and would hold no more than 20 people I would think but they had done it up and it was beautiful ...My wife and myself went underground and I took a seat the the left and my wife took a seat to the right. I said a prayer and I turned to see my wife ....there was my guardian angel above her head , in stained glass with a bright white light emanating from the small 'dug out 'on the wall looked like the sun was shining through but it was definitely a light as we were underground . ...Underneath were the words 'Archangel Gabriel ' whoever made this stained glass with the light behind it had obviously seen the archangel as it was just as I had saw him at the scene of my near fatal accident and in the hospital corridor....and in the grounds of the convent across from the hospital that had been my home for a long time .I have never met him since ..but.... I know he is around and has helped me out a few times of dire need.
    May your God be with you 🙏
  • SeanchaiSeanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    If members are not fed up reading my words , then I would like to tell you of the first time I met a spirit ....I was not out looking for any paranormal experiences , it was the furthest thing from my mind to be honest and because of what happened that night I knew that others had experienced such experiences way was I the only one , "I,m just an ordinary man doing the best I can" . 
  • chiariedschiarieds Community Co-Production Group Posts: 9,175 Disability Gamechanger
    Lovely to hear from you @Seanchai - I'm pleased both you & Hamish are doing better. Just to reassure you I didn't feel comfortable using a ouija board, & left it well alone after 3 or 4 goes. I didn't have a photographic memory, yet could 'see' the page of an appropriate textbook when the Dr, who seemed to be a couple of hundred years old (that's the only thing I 'knew' about him), helped me. Like yourself, I had to write everything down when I studied, & couldn't just take notes from my tutors, I had to do it my way, & wrote copious notes. I didn't become a Dr, rather a physio, which has also helped me several times due to our family's problems. Sometimes I do wish I'd been clever enough to become a Dr, especially after finding out which genetic disorders our family had, then trying to find a Dr to confirm at least one of them. However I've always found Drs treated me with great respect, & had a New York neurosurgeon help me in raising awareness here in the UK of the neurological problems that can occur in some of those with my genetic of the cases of serendipity/synchronicity that have seemed to occur in my life.
    It seems sometimes things just happen, least of all when you're expecting them, & I would certainly like to hear more from you as to your experiences, thank you so much for sharing. May your God always be with you.
  • SeanchaiSeanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    Hi @chiarieds....I wish I had done better at school ...but having missed that year,  I
    thought teachers were speaking in a foreign language when I eventually got back to school ....maths especially . That's why I gave up going to school . that got me in a lot of trouble .....but after what I had been through I felt I could deal with anything  that was thrown at me 🙄
     I know for certain ( although it's hard to prove) that ouija boards have opened portals for spirits to come through....and remain in this realm .I have saw people in a terrible state because of their " visitor" . Most people think that they are going mad when things start happening in their house and they are wary of asking for help . first....just incase everyone thinks they are mad ....but they end up having to get help in some cases . Some people learn to live with their visitor , many of which have no evil intent but can still  be a nuisance. 😟😮
  • leeCalleeCal Member Posts: 3,690 Disability Gamechanger
    edited January 16
    If members are not fed up reading my words , then I would like to tell you of the first time I met a spirit
    I’m still very very interested @Seanchai
    thank you for sharing your experiences. 

    Your account is very interesting too @chiarieds, thank you .
  • SeanchaiSeanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
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    Thanks @chiarieds... I know many people do not believe in the afterlife ...but still hope there is as we will all go there at sometime . Hopefully not for a while yet🙂
    ...What surprises me is that some people who believe in an afterlife , just laugh when " paranormal "  is mentioned . 
    The first time I ever actually saw a spirit is a really weird one. 
    I was out night shooting ( for ducks) in a full moon with a pal ...he took up a position on one side of the pond ( canal basin) , I took up my position on the opposite side of the pond , it was an old tractor track I was sitting on , so I took up position with my back against a high wall. I must say here that the wall I was leaning on was the perimeter of a graveyard , nothing to do with my meeting though , pure coincidence . I was sitting at the side of the old track which used to be the track from an old church ( still being used to this day ). I sat and poured a cup of tea from my thermos , it was a lovely summer moonlit night .My gun lying against the wall and i watched for any movement . About 100 yards to my left I thought I caught a movement with the corner of my eye ....then nothing for a few minutes.  I was wide awake waiting on ducks landing in the pond ...had the last of my cup of tea and put the thermos back in my bag . As I lifted my head I saw a light about 50 yards to my left , the it disappeared again.  another couple of minutes and I saw someone coming along the track toward me , they had a lantern type device which was a poor light but i also had the moonlight .....enough to let me make out the shape of someone walking towards me . This track was very seldom used during the day , never mind night .  Then about ten feet away I saw someone walk towards me along the path ...I say " walk" but there was no movement of " walking" ...this man had a calf length coat on , britches that were tied beneath the knee...the weird thing was I could not make out shoes at all , it seemed as though he was " floating " past me , he was also wearing a tripointed hat which made him look like an old pirate ....although we were miles from the sea . I lifted my gun , (God knows what I was going to do with a gun .) then he came level with me( three feet away)  I said a daft thing , I said " excuse me , do you have the time ) ...a really stupid thing to say I know but I did not know what to say ,and it was the first thing that came in to my head . This old man in weird clothes actually lifted his lantern , looked at me and will never forget that face ...or that blank look . I watched as he continued on his way about twenty feet past me and turned right , behind the high wall .( that's where the old track leads ) . I grabbed my bag and headed of to find my pal. His words were , "My God Gerry , are you ok ,you look like you have seen a ghost " .  I swore him to secrecy and he has never said a word to anyone as far as I know ....but eventually  i did. ...after many years .
    Although I did a bit of work in the library after that event although the only thing I learned from an old map was the track was called the" church path" and the bridge near the pond was called the " Ministers bridge" I found out ( by pure accident ...many years later)  that Church of Scotland ministers wore a tri- cornered hat at one time ....I had to sit down when I learned that , it meant it was not a pirate hat my vision was wearing , but a ministers hat ....that rather answered a lot of questions I had .
    Thanks for reading ....any questions ...I am willing to try and answer 👍🙂
  • 66Mustang66Mustang Community Co-Production Group Posts: 5,088 Disability Gamechanger
    Happy birthday, sorry I’m late to the party, I hope you had a good day :smiley:
  • SeanchaiSeanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    Thanks  66Mustang ... another day in isolation my friend ...but I got cards and presents handed in from family . I,m not big on birthdays and each year i tell my family that it would be nice to recieve a card ...but no presents please . It's like talking to myself . I appreciate their kindness and their love ...but they work hard and i do not want them to spend their hard earned cash .....besides ..." What can you buy the man who has everything he needs ...or wants? 🙂." I have a loving family and that is far more than a lot of other people have got ,so I am very happy with life , my health could be better but once again " I am far better than many others " ....or the ones who never made it to my age .👍🙏
    May your God be with you Mustang 🙏
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