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Unsubscribing to a Thread

csno01csno01 Member Posts: 198 Pioneering
Hi Guys, 

Quick question: how do I unsubscribe to a message / thread please? My inbox is getting a little overwhelmed. 

Thank you,


  • 66Mustang66Mustang Member Posts: 4,622 Disability Gamechanger
    I don’t know for sure but do you press the little star next to the thread title to toggle your subscription to a thread?

    If you are subscribed it would be purple, if not it’s a gold outline.
  • Cher_ScopeCher_Scope Posts: 3,311

    Scope community team

    edited January 13
    Hi @csno01

    No problem, it can quickly become overwhelming!  To manage your notifications:

    1) Click on the cog under your username, in the top right-hand side of your screen.
    2) Select edit profile from the drop down list.
    3) Select notification preferences from the menu on the right hand side.
    4) Select and deselect what you want to receive.
    5) Save your preferences at the bottom of the screen.

    I hope that helps.  
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  • Ross_ScopeRoss_Scope Posts: 3,091

    Scope community team

    Hi @csno01

    Sorry to hear your inbox is becoming a bit jammed! As mentioned above, you simply just navigate to your notification preferences to edit what you receive.
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  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 9,083 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi all 

    I know how to change what I see but I think this person and myself as well just want to stop seeing posts on a particular thread eg one you have commented on in the past but you dont want to keep constantly getting emails as each person comments 

    Can you just stop the emails for a single thread 
  • 66Mustang66Mustang Member Posts: 4,622 Disability Gamechanger
    @janer1967 that’s the way I read the question as well. My response is based on that although I don’t know if it’s the correct answer.
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger
    You can also go into your settings and turn off notifications for everything you don't want. This is what i've done, otherwise my inbox would be spammed with emails.
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  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 9,083 Disability Gamechanger
    @66Mustang all mine are gold if I press the star it goes purple is this how to stop getting notifications for that thread 

    @poppy123456 I know how yo change notifications but we are trying to work out how yo stop getting them just for one thread eg you may have commented on one of the games but no longer want to see all the other comments? 
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