Are they doing PIP assessments at the moment?

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I've asked formy PIP to be reviewed as I had a stroke recently which left me partiallyblind, so my condition has deteriorated and I think I should get the higher rate.  I sent the form off a few days ago and it asked all the questions about how my condition affects me on the form.  Will I have to have a face to face assessment for this, or are they stopped because of lockdown?  If they're stilldoing face to face they must have a massive backlog by now?


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    All assessments are currently done by telephone or paper based. If they decide a F2F is required the assessment will be delayed because all F2F are currently suspended.
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    Hi and welcome 

    Most assessments are done over the phone and a few paper based there are no f2f assessments currently 

    Yes there are backlogs 
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    Hello @aello

    Sorry to hear you had a stroke recently and that it has impacted your vision, I hope you are recovering well.

    As mentioned above, face to face assessments are currently suspended and all assessments are being carried out over the phone or paper based.

    On a side note, I'm not certain if you had sight loss prior to the stroke, but have you registered your sight loss with your local authority?