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Hi.... I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 2 years ago and get so much help from the hospital. But... I’ve had migraines for years lately so bad and no help at all. I feel like I’ve tried everything, my children get upset because mums not well again. The doctor won’t refer me to a specialist because he said as you’ve had them since 15 it’s nothing bad now your 35. How can I work like this, luckily I’m working from home at the minute to hide it. Does anyone else suffer with them?


  • Cher_Inactive
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    Hi @debbielkl

    That must be a difficult situation to be in.  I have <touch wood> rarely suffered with migraines but when I do, they absolutely floor me.  I'm so sorry your GP isn't taking your concerns seriously; regardless of how long you've had them, if they remain a problem significantly impacting your daily life then it is worthy of more attention and support.  Would you consider changing GP's or asking to see a different doctor at your surgery for a second opinion?  This Migraine Trust webpage has some pointers on how to make the most of your GP appointment, including:
    • give your doctor as much information as possible about your condition. It may help to keep a migraine diary, or at least to write some information down before the appointment.
    • keep a record of the impact your migraines are having on your life, both during and in between attacks. The doctor will only understand how disabling the condition is if you tell him or her.
    Bearing this in mind, I'd try to take as much evidence with you to show how it's impacting your family, home and working-life.  

    You also mentioned you're currently managing to cope at work and hide it.   That's good to know but in the long-term it might leave you tired and struggling, is your employer aware of the situation?  And have they implemented anything to help, such as regular breaks away from a screen (if your work involves that).  Scope's Reasonable adjustments at work webpage gives more details on changes you're entitled to ask for where an impairment impacts your ability to work.

    Lastly, we spoke about National Migraine Week last year and some of our members shared their experiences if you want to give that a little read :)

    Take care and let us know how you get on if you decide to revisit your GP :) 
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  • MarkM88
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    I suffer with them and this is how I managed to access specialist help. 

    I spoke to the GP and explained why I was unhappy. 

    I followed it up with a practice manager and said I wanted to speak to another GP. 

    I kept a diary of when migraines affected me, how I felt, the type of pain it caused, associated symptoms and how it affected my day to day activity. 

    I booked the appointment with another GP and gave her all this. 

    She tried me on three variations of tablets but couldn’t try me on beta blockers because it can stop a diabetic recognising a hypo. (I’m diabetic).

    Was refered to a neurologist and they helped so much. 
  • jamjam
    jamjam Member Posts: 1 Listener
    I have RA aswell and  used to get migranes untill i started taking the cbd oil and that went away just ljke that i think sometimes its the pains from the joints is so harsh it can give u headaches but yeah cbd changed my life .


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