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Anyone else get a feeling of fear when a letter arrives in the brown envelope regarding benefits?

Hi all,
Does anyone else get the awful feeling of dread when a letter arrived from any of the benefits department's?
I've heard some just lately and it's been regarding a small increase in ,my case, esa and pips, . Until I've opened the brown envelope and read the letter only then, if it's good news, can I relax a bit .
Not nice at all!


  • Leigh14Leigh14 Member Posts: 263 Pioneering
    Hi Alan. I’m exactly the same, I think there are many, many people that feel like us. I admit I get to the point where I find it hard to concentrate and find it difficult to sleep.
    You’re absolutely spot on when you say ‘Not nice at all’
  • woodbinewoodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 4,522 Disability Gamechanger
    I agree but I don't see what they can do about it, some have suggested they send emails or text, but surely they would have the same effect?
    "Putting a child into care, isn't caring for a child" (T.Rhattigan)
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Pioneering
    What they could do is stop sending us for these stupid assessments when they know very well we're not going to, sadly, get any better !
    The more they pressure me the more stressed I become and that's why, I guess, I hate getting the letters? They must know by now, whose real and whose just trying it on?

  • Rachel10876Rachel10876 Member Posts: 14 Connected
    Hey hey love,
    Yes definitely I’m the same as you love dreading the brown envelope too. xx
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