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Detained in mental health hospital

cupcake88 Posts: 1,240 Pioneering
Hi every one I really could do with some supportive words from my friends on here Last night I was told to come into see the out of hours crisis team . They didn’t feel comfortable letting me go back home so I’m in a mental health hospital . In the past I have just been under home based treatment when I got really bad now I’m in a mental health hospital I’m petrified . My partner isn’t allowed to come see me because of covid I’m not allowed my charger in here but staff can charge my phone for me , they went threw my things when I arrived they took out my cross stitch , my head phones , my deodorant, my perfume , my chargers . I’m in this strange room can hear patients screaming . Honestly I’m petrified and I’m so upset that I have got this poorly . The health care workers were really good when I arrived I arrived at Here at 2 am But was at the crisis team base bout 1am . I can honestly say I’m petrified and it’s my birthday soon so could end up being here over my birthday . There saying I only have to stay a week or two so they can change my medication and make sure I’m ok but I’m just petrified. 
One of the patients just told me this place has made her worst . I’m supposed to stay in my room until my covid test comes back my rapid one Came back ok but there waiting for the main one to come back but if I’m honest I’ll be staying in my room I won’t be coming out my room This is my worst nightmare There’s some sort of alarm going off Now so Christ knows what’s that’s about . Considering It’s middle of the night there’s loads of patients walking around screaming. I’m dreading In the morning when every ones up This is like  seriously my worst night mare . 



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