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If I ask for an MR on my PIP award, could I get points taken off from the points already given?

tonyuka11tonyuka11 Member Posts: 23 Listener
edited April 1 in PIP, DLA and AA
If I ask for a MR On my recent PIP award, could i get points taken off from the points already given, on the recent award when i ask for the MR any ideas ? as this will be looked at a case mangarer from PIP and different descion maker ? any ideas on this as my lively hood depends on this  thanks  ? also  i dont have  GPS report but use a good grip fork  which i bought from the disability aid shop and have proof of this ? i would like a simple explanation instead of a link given to me as i am disabled and dont understand links in what they say  as it doesnt relate to my initail question  any ideas  thanks ? this realtes to the care component  as i only scored 10 points  but never got any in taking nutriion descripter as i need to use a good grip fork there no evidence from my gp that i have arthritus in my right hand hand as i am waiting for an Xray on my hands fingers i only scored 4 points in mobility  as its says i need to use an aid but can move 50/200 metres this is untrue i can only move 20/50 metres and have to stop because of the pain and right hip catching  any ideas ?


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