Hi, I'm turkeyemmalou! My ESA hasn't been paid.

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Hi I was due esa today rang up took me 2 hours to get through , they said there computer system was down I’m just wondering if anyone knows on when I’d be paid now been waiting all day 


  • janer1967
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    Hi there 

    Sorry you haven't been paid the question is really one only they can answer 
  • Cher_Alumni
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    Hi @turkeyemmalou and welcome to our community,

    I'm sorry you haven't received your payment on time.  Unfortunately, it does seem to be something that only speaking with them would clarify, so I'd try to get through again and hopefully this time the computer system will be working!

    Please let us know how you get on.  Also, just to notify you, I've moved this thread to our ESA category and tweaked the title to let others know what it's about :)  Fingers crossed for you. 
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    Hi @turkeyemmalou - & welcome to the community. This unfortunately is a complaint that several of our members make every now & again, & it seems to be mainly problems with ESA getting paid. Usually, once contacted, a payment is made that day, so, as mentioned, you'll need to contact them again, sorry,
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    If the system is down they may need to do a clerical or manual payment, you could try phoning them Saturday morning as they seem to be working weekends some weeks.
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    I have just had same problem no payment today 
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    lexib11 said:
    I have just had same problem no payment today 
    I’ve answered on your thread you created.