Hi, my name is Sathis Raj. Will getting ESA affect the amount of universal credit I get?

Jesuschristis Community member Posts: 5 Listener
I get PIP ,LCWRA and universal credit  I applied for ESA how much will  be ESA  ? Will it effect the amount of universal credit i now get ?
thank you


  • janer1967
    janer1967 Community member Posts: 21,922 Championing
    Hi there 

    As far as I know yes any esa you get will be deducted from your uc 
  • calcotti
    calcotti Community member Posts: 10,005 Championing
    Any ESA will be deducted in full from your UC. Claiming both ESA and UC will not increase your overall income. You will get fortnightly ESA payments and reduced monthly UC payments. You will also get Class 1 NI credits through ESA rather than the Class 3 that UC gives.