My son has learning difficulties + was unsuccessful in moving from DLA to PIP. Can anyone help?

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My son is 28 with learning difficulties  he went to a special school at 8 years old statemented applied for pip after being on disability living allowance failed had 6 points applying again just really struggling to help him i am his appointe can anyone help? 


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    Make sure you understand the points system and the reliability criteria so that you can construct your claim accordingly
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    Hi @Gill1968 and a warm welcome to our online community.  How are you doing?

    I'm sorry to hear that your son's PIP claim was unsuccessful.  As mentioned, it's important to identify the points that you believe he should have been awarded and then work on providing evidence to support why.  The second thread @calcotti signposted to gives excellent information on how best to evidence your son's difficulties satisfying the PIP activities, so please make sure to give that a read :)

    Also, if you feel that you need additional support  with your claim, you can use the Advice Local website to find a welfare advice organisation close to where you live (enter your postcode, select 'Welfare benefits', then scroll down the following page).

    If you have any more questions, please do give us a shout.  And just to make you aware, I've amended the title of your thread and moved it to our PIP, DLA and AA category to make it more visible to people reading.

    Wishing both you and your son all the best, take care.