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Pip rejection at MR. Should I submit a new claim?

juliejfkjuliejfk Member Posts: 2 Listener
edited July 17 in PIP, DLA and AA
Hello everyone. I am new to scope and pip.
I have been rejected at mandatory reconsideration for a pop claim.
I have moved back to my parents home . Living alone I was not functioning at all.  Not eating sleeping washing or engaging with anyone.

I am bipolar ,diagnosed 13 years ago and have never asked for pip. I have managed it myself through exercise, medication and trying o to  be aware of my illness.
Not all plain sailing and i have spent several spells in mental health wards and am now marked as a vulnerable person on the Police database.

I returned to my parents home in January 2021 due to suicidal thoughts.
I broke my spine in a sea accident last summer and have slipped into a depression.
My parents are really my carers now. Helping and encourage me do live a daily routine.
Should this be considered in mandatory reconsideration?
It wasn't even mentioned in either assessment.

My parents are in their 80s.
Accompany me everywhere and support me through panic attacks and social anxiety. I reallying only go to hospital for back examinations/scans.

I submitted additional information about my back. Slight paralysis in my left leg  this was ignored aswell.
I am now able to walk only short distances and cannot stand  for more than a couple of minutes.

I feel so insulted that I am not worthy of help.

I am not working functioning . If. I was not staying with parents I would probably be back in a psychiatric ward.

Has anyone any experience of family becoming your carer.
Thanks julie


  • chiariedschiarieds Community Co-Production Group Posts: 9,048 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @juliejfk - I don't have your experience, but wanted to welcome you to this online community, Julie. Sadly only a small percentage of Mandatory Reconsiderations result in a positive change. Please don't let this make you feel you are unworthy of help. On a positive note, the current success of PIP phone tribunals is around the 75% mark.
    Depending on when you had your assessment, any worsening of your condition would not be taken into account. So, if you should decide to go for a tribunal, you still have to concentrate on how you were at the time of your assessment. Please let us know what you decide to do, & do post here any time, as our members are very supportive. :)
  • Popdiva43Popdiva43 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
    hello @juliejfk i had my pip tribunal today after getting zero points after assessment and today i won,so please dont give up if can be done
  • juliejfkjuliejfk Member Posts: 2 Listener
    If worsening of my condition is not considered at mandatory reconsideration or a tribunal.... do i have to submit a new claim? Or should I continue with an appeal.
    I applied in November 2020.
    Did not complete a form as i was so unwell.
    I moved to parents in January 
    I asked for  a phone assessment in March 2021
    6 for daily living
    0 for mobility

    My  physical situation has considerably worsened since this assessment.
    My mental health has improved however only because my mother is helping me function on a daily basis and doing 

    If tribunal will only decide on the March assessment is it worth pursuing.
  • Popdiva43Popdiva43 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
    Morning juliejfk.When I had my tribunal yesterday they say its only from the assessment stage but I send them medical evidence up till the 31st of march and I had my assessment back in November, but didn't send no medical evidence in till I knew I was going to have to go to tribunal, and they could see that my condition had progressed in them couple of months, and they took that in to consideration, so I would say it's worth a try. 
  • Popdiva43Popdiva43 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
    Also youve come this far don't give up hope, you can do it xx
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