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My hearing started to go in 2019. I've been searching for jobs the Deaf are capable of

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edited September 2021 in Sensory impairments
Well since 2019 my hearing started going. Not to worry. I'll sort it in the New Year. That New Year happened to 2020. And we saw how that went.
"Our records indicate your hearing improved in sunnier weather." Genuine response from my GP! 
So now it's 2021. Things didn't improve in sunnier weather. Good days of hearing. Bad days of hearing. I found this website after searching for jobs the Deaf are capable of. I'm not stone deaf. But I'd rather not squander what's left in a call centre or factory (which I have worked at).
A lot of other avenues closed off due to not having the right qualifications etc.
So may as well make an account here. Oh you want more personal details?
Male and 46. Can't drive (although the dizzy spells have seemed to have stopped) and if I can't find something here, that's on me.
Based on the Wirral. Only intend to relocate when the waves crash over the estate I'm on. So 2030, 2050 probably.
Long introduction? Well I write a bit. Do I need to be here? Well you tell me. I need an assessment. If things aren't as bad as feared then nice knowing you. 
But if things are as bad. Well hello.
I do have a CV. But as it's got my address on, best to not share just yet.
It's funny, in most conversations I'm the quiet one. Give me a blank form and you get stuff like this.
Glad to be here. 
P.S. Name does begin with A, but I may as well revive my old high score three letter "signature" from the 1980's Arcades.



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