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Vibrating machines for weight loss

happyfella Member Posts: 192 Pioneering
Hi, i have a vibrating machine which i do not use much due to the loud noise it makes. It is one of these. I would like to know if anyone has one and if so how do you redue the loud noise. Also, does anyone use smaller ones and if so are they any good.
I am trying to lose weight but i am not allowed to exercise like going to the gym or jogging, or weights, so i am trying to lose weight using this type of machine


  • Ross_Scope
    Ross_Scope Posts: 5,377

    Scope community team

    Hello @happyfella

    Great to see you posting again, I hope you are well.

    I do not know of these machines and haven't used them in the past, so hopefully others will be able to share their experiences

    Is the issue with the noise that you don't want to disturb anybody? 
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  • happyfella
    happyfella Member Posts: 192 Pioneering
    Yes, i am well thank you. I want to lose weight for a wedding I am going to next year. The problem i have is the medication puts weight on me so i am fighting that battle. Also, because of chronic pain there is not much exercising i can do. My daughter bought me one of these vibrating plate machines but it makes so much noise and annoys the neighbours. so, i am trying to find a way to quiet it down. also thinking about investing in a smaller one
  • lillybelle
    lillybelle Member Posts: 583 Pioneering
    I’m afraid they won’t make you loose much weight. A healthy diet and basically being more aware of what and how much you put into your mouth will have more effect.
    have you tried doing exercises sitting on a chair? You will find them online. Also aqua aerobics if you suffer from joint pain. Or yoga for beginners.
    these are all excellent ways to get some exercise which can achieve some weight loss  along with  a healthy eating plan
    good luck


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