How do you block people or close account?

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Just joined and encountered the Scope troll I think. There's some horrible people about aren't there?


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    I'm sorry to hear you feel this way. We are very friendly here and we have some very knowledgeable members.
    I've read your other thread and i can only see that Mike was trying to help you. It is very difficult to read someone's tone through text and a tone can often be read as something completely different to what is was intended to be.
    As Mike advised, you can add a person to your ignore list or alternatively you can contact Scope to have your account delated by emailing them at this address.

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    Actually what you encountered was someone trying to help you. I’ll do it again now. Click on my user name. It will take you to my account. To the right of that you’ll then see an ignore button. Away you go. 
    We can no longer see private accounts on here so I don't think it's possible to block them that way either.  Just get a page that says 'permission problem' with no other options.  Not sure how long it's been like that as I tried to look at 2 different accounts this week but was denied.  :#
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    I find it hard to open up i try clim  up out of my shell but i soon fall a lot deeper my health is realy suffering an i find it hard to bee clean i strudle with every thing even  geting a shower i get a strip wash as you no its not the same i ask for help an get told ur on a list sorry for going on 
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    You can still put a member on ignore by going into your profile to edit it. There you will find the ignore feature, put a members name into the box and click ok. Quite easy really.
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    Over the years I have been a member of a number of forums, some quite small and niche others as big as they get, the one thing this forum has is that overall it is extremely friendly, the people really nice and some of the advice the best you will find.
    But it has one thing in common with every forum out there, you have to get to know it and give it time to find your way around.
    Like many things in life patience is something that will pay dividends.

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    If you want to delete your account you would need to email them, at least I did when I deleted my previous account.

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    @CheesedOff I have also had not nice things happen on here to me as well  but don't let people get to you not everyone one in is the same I have felt like leaving many a time but haven't given up and let them win 
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    Hello @CheesedOff, I'm sorry to hear that you feel the need to delete your account. While of course we would urge you to stay, if you still want to have your account deleted, you can contact us at to get this done.

    If you'd prefer simply to ignore certain members, you can visit your ignore list and enter the usernames into the 'ignore someone' field, then click 'Ok'.
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