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Finally have my own flat

I have waited for a property for years, and today went for an interview with my nurse to be put on the waiting list for supported accomodation in my area. I thought I would be waiting another few years but they said they have a flat and would like to offer it me.

The flat is having work on it and they said it should be ready in 2 weeks, then I can go and view it and decide if I want it or not, but to be honest I'm desperate so will take anything so unless its a dump I will take it regardless. Once I get it and move in I will get a key worker who will go shopping with me and make sure I'm okay.

I'm so excited, and thrilled I'm nervous at the fact of moving and living on my own. But can't wait to finally get some independence and start a new chapter in my life. The only thing I have to worry about is bills everything else is funded and it comes fully furnished apart from a TV.



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