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Do they do Btec Level.3

Sparklebright63 Member Posts: 63 Connected
Hi to all 

Do they do Btec level 3 in Computers and is the Course free online learning.



  • chiarieds
    chiarieds Community Co-Production Group Posts: 11,632 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Sparklebright63 - I can only see online paid for courses, but suggest you try searching online for BTEC level 3 in the field of computing you're interested in.
  • Sparklebright63
    Sparklebright63 Member Posts: 63 Connected

    Thankyou i will check online.

  • MarkM88
    MarkM88 Member Posts: 2,298 Pioneering
    You could look at an advanced learner loan if you meet the eligibility.
  • L_Volunteer
    L_Volunteer Community Volunteer Adviser, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 914 Pioneering
    Hi @Sparklebright63

    Thanks for reaching out to us. I always appreciate how much courage it must take to reach out, especially for the first time. I am really pleased to see how supportive our community members have already been. Thank you for your support @chiarieds and @MarkM88

    Just to confirm, there are indeed BTEC level 3's in computing. There tends to be a cost associated with level 3 courses and you would only know by the information provided by each college. However, if there is a cost, as @MarkM88 said you might be able to access the advanced learner loan. If you are interested, you can find out more information about advanced learner loans at It might also be worth contacting each college you are interested in as some of these have bursaries, grants, funds, or scholarships available.

    I hope this helps but if you stumble across any more questions or need anything to be further clarified, please don't hesitate to reach out to us again soon  :)
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