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Finding love

h11 Member Posts: 20 Connected

I would like to fall in love one day but my mum said it will be hard becuase of my disabilities and that they would need to be a carer to me too.
How would I even start looking for someone who would love me? 
I cant go out independently and also my disability means communicate is hard? 


  • Ross_Scope
    Ross_Scope Posts: 5,790

    Scope community team

    Thanks for posting @h11, I don't think disability is a barrier to anybody falling in love and meeting somebody they can spend their life with. As disabled people, there are extra challenges to face in life of course, but when you find the right person those challenges won't matter to them and they will happily support you to overcome them, your disability won't impact their feelings towards you.

    It can be hard to know how to find somebody, because every one of us are different in terms of what we enjoy doing. I would suggest considering what your hobbies are and looking to meet others who share that hobby. Additionally, you could always access the many dating sites that are out there, one we tend to recommend as an option is the Outsiders Dating and Social Club.
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