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ESA Question???

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i am having to do my ESA again health assessment getting fed up of doing the form it the same as last time I don't understand why I am having to do it again. I am on disability indefinite on my DLA as my condtion only get progresssivly worst why is it I have to keep filling out the form on the health assessment and go to see an assessment it is so stressful keep on having to do this is there any way that the ESA can keep it on file instead of repeatly doing these form & seeing the assessor it doing my head in trying to get in all the evident in the same place or gathering more of it pls help how do I get them to put me in Disable indefinely 


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    The government said last year that they would stop reassessing people with conditions that weren't going to change or can only get worse. However, so far, there is no sign of this happening. I'm sorry, but for now all I can suggest is going to see your MP and reminding them of the promise the government made. 

    The government said new rules would be in place from 'autumn 2017', but autumn can mean anything from now til December in the civil service I'm afraid!

    So please, see your MP if you can, or write to them, and make exactly the points you have made here. 

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