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Hi I have to fill in a form for pip as my dla had stopped. I was apparently  forms last August but I swear I never got them and i called to ask for a letter of proof cause i am due to change my car at the end of Oct and i was told my money was ment to have been stopped in September last year. I depend on the Dla its my only way of getting to my daughter who is my career I am so lost without her. I need to help to get washed and dressed to clean to help do shopping basically everything I should be able to do. I had a back fusion operation 18 months ago and that also don't help me with being able to bend, when it's cold and also when it is wet my whole body feels like a coiled spring I hurt so bad. I take so many tablets I am sure I rattle when i walk including in those tablets are 3 diffrent strengths of opids. To see me from the outside u would see some kind of discomfort but it's nothing compared to the pain I am in 24/7 every day of the year. I would like if possible to get some info on how to present myself if i am not lucky enough to be granted pip also how can I word the pip form so that I will be granted it without any problem. Thank you for reading and look forward to ur replies. TheIceQween.


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    I found a web site called AdviceNow which should help you. Unfortunately I didn't find it until I needed to do a Mandatory Reconsideration letter. It tells you which
    boxes to tick according to your daily needs and then produces a copy of the form with suggestions of answers to fill in your form. It's helpful. Also Scope have some videos to watch. Hope this is helps I know just how you are feeling it's terrible when you think someone doesn't believe you.
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    Hello and welcome theicequeen

    You really need trained assistance from CAB or similar
    In your post you say that your money should have been stopped last year and this could need specialist advice. DLA and PIP are very different

    There is no magic formula for filling in the forms. PIP is a test of functionality so you need to show that you meet the criteria for each relevant descriptor

    There is a guide on here for PIP and also on the CAB website

    If you have the form already then you do not have much time to return it, you can ask for a two week extension which you should do today

    Try taking the self test on the B&W site


    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
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    You could ask in Ask a benefits advisor category 


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