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Hi, my name is stevetheman56!/colon removal ulcer colitis

Hello my name is Steve my question is back in1992 I had total colon removal and now have a pouch made up my small intestine had the surgery done in 1992 I was 32 now am 57 was self employed stopped working in nov of  2015 have a disability lawyer representing  me have other medical issues  also have medical information  stating back in .2010 was in hospital for colon scope for anemia to I know that information is not currant but would give the disability  judge the back ground for my case I do have currant information that's states my issues I see my doctor every month  send information to lawyer  just wondering if you think my chances would be a winning decision  the problem to is going to restroom a lot thanks for reading  and look forward to hearing from you Steve


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    My hearing letter will be getting in 3 months been waiting 16 months. Lawyer said waiting time in moreano valley california is .19.5 months
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    Hi @stevetheman56 welcome to the community, we are a UK based charity and so all out information and support are regarding UK benefits and appeals so Im not sure how much help we can be for American based law.

    I also have ulcerative colitis and had my colon removed, I had a jpouch for 18 months but had chronic pouchitis during all of that time, I had it removed and a permanent stoma created which is what I have now.  

    So we may not be able to help much with appeals and the law due to the differences between our countries, but you can meet other people on the community and chat about other issues. 
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