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Social groups?

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Hello, I'm a 62yr old lady in a wheelchair. I'd like to join a group that does different things other than ,knit and natter, play cards, crafts, reading groups or just meet for coffee. I'm sorry but I know quite a few would like that, but it's just not for me.
im interested in ,history, museums, architecture , archiology, medical issues ( I'm a retired nurse)
anything to do with animals, baking and I really like the countryside.
i lost my leg over 13 yrs ago after getting septicaemia after a knee replacement. It was a great shock and so I just couldn't accept a false leg, which by the way I did try and use without success. I have mental issues when out in my wheelchair although I do now drive again after not doing for ten yrs after losing my confidence. I cannot watch the Paralympics , yet I find it strange as being a nurse and helping patients, I now cannot accept my situation.
however, I'm a fighter in some ways. I live in north wales, and I've been left to rot by my health board for the last 13 yrs. so I'd like to get out there and join a group or organisation which I'd be interested in. So does anyone know where I can go? I'd be grateful for any feed back.


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    Hi @Cuddles

    A very very big welcome to you !!!!!!!

    I'm currently based in the West Midlands but I have been around Wales for years now !!!!!!

    You are very welcome to have a look around our site/online community as I'm sure that you may find members in your area that would be better placed to help ???

    But if you have no joy please please come back to me ???


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    Thanks. I’m still getting used to the site
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    Hi @Cuddles

    Please have a good look around & if there is anything that I can help you please let me know ????

    Many thanks.
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    Thanks once again. I’m having an early night as I’ve a hospital appt tomorrow. But I’ll certainly have s look. To tell you the truth too, here in wales they’re not quite upto speed with disabled organisations and clubs either . Hence my being left to my own devices. I won’t swear, but this is !!!!
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    Morning Steve. I did join a discussion about complex ptsd, but to be honest looking at the last comment on it was in August , so I’m not expecting a comment.
    as for my being in a wheelchair, here in north wales there’s is absolutely nothing! They just don’t have anything for us! However, for the younger wheelchair users I’ve heard they have basketball, but I don’t fall into that catogory. 
    As I never had counselling before or after my amputation , I still find it very difficult to except my disability. Even with my medical background. The only time I feel comfortable in my wheelchair is when I’m actually in a hospital environment, otherwise I feel awkward. I have no social life and get very depressed, verging on suicide! Yet because the mental health services in this area, and everywhere else nationally, is in trouble, I’m struggling with a variety of different emotions and disabilities . My sons and my sister don’t really understand so hence my always putting on a front. It’s quite useless really , the state of the nhs. I just don’t know what to do anymore?
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    Hello @Cuddles and welcome to the community.

    I have a number of thoughts, some based on your medical interests which you might want to consider.

    I know someone who is wheelchair bound who volunteers at a hospice helping family and friends of patients.

    Does your local hospital have a friends group which you could get involved in?

    Have you considered getting involved with your local Public and Patient Involvement board?

    Something which you may not be ready for, but might be of interest to you is the Scope Role Models Campaign  - sorry just noticed that they are not looking for new role models at the moment, but if it is something you might be interested in keep an eye on the page.

    Are there any local museums you could volunteer in - though I appreciate this may put you out of your comfort zone regarding your wheelchair.

    If you are interested in trying a new sport check out at the bottom of the page you can select your disability, sport and county and it will tell you if there is anything nearby.

    In truth if you can find a number of activities you are more likely to create a better social life for yourself. 

    As an individual I stood alone.
    As a member of a group I did things.
    As part of a community I helped to create change!

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    Hi @Cuddles
    Welcome to the community, you say you havent had any councelling, do you think it would be useful for you? Lots of people find talking therapies really useful, you can speak to your GP and ask for a referral.

    @Geoark has given some great ideas above. Putting yourself out there can be really tough, especially if you are still struggling to come to terms with changes in your life but there are some great groups out there.

    I joined the WI a few years ago and absolutely love my monthly group, we do so many different things and the group is so varied in the type of person there.  Could that be something to think about? From my group I have found out about so many other groups and activities going on in the area.  You can search for a Womens Institute in your area here.

    MIND have some great support and advise about mental health and suicidal feelings. They say:
    If you have experienced suicidal feelings in the past, or are still feeling low now, you may be worried that these feelings might return or get worse.
    But there are steps you can take to look after and improve your general wellbeing when you're felling low, as well as prepare for if you were to feel suicidal again:
    Senior online community officer
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    Hi @Cuddles. Can so relate to your story in many many ways. Also had a terrible outcome from hip op that has left me permanently and painfully damaged  and very little support because it is too complicated. Also found grown up kids don't understand and am also put on a front and smiling face. Because I walked into theatre and have never walked since, it is a heck of a shock to the body and mind. It is not a disease, like you it was an "accident" but harder to accept when it is from a place that is meant to help you. Also have major problems sitting and driving due to pain. Would love to chat over the phone, because I too fee very isolated. New to this site, so don't know if we can exchange phone numbers. I am 56, female, used to be confident and attractive and 4 years since injury, still struggling. Have a good sense of humour and TRY to be positive, but  it would be helpful to connect with someone whereby we could be mutually supportive. Wishing you well and hoping things improve.