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    HI i'm Nikk and new here....i'm too frightened to fill in the PIP form and i haven't even received it yet the phone call was confusing enough this morning i kept saying i don't get what you mean ! i have epilepsy and diabetes can walk and do most of everything on good days but i am a danger to myself as i am a violent epileptic...what am i filling in....i read so many things online....everything says fill it in about how your illness effects you....on the days that i'm normal or the days that i have my daughter around the throat and up a wall or trying to hit my husband in bed and cant be trusted to cook food because i fall...it sounds dramatic but its normal in this household and we've learned to live with it but how do i fill in a form that says can you walk 20 mts or more/less when i can sometimes/somedays/or i'm alseep all day on others...Sorry if i've posted in the wrong area i don't normally do this kind of thing either.
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    Hi @nikkxx, welcome to the community and thank you for your message: I've moved it into a category of its own so others have a better chance of seeing it. 

    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so uncertain about the PIP process. There's a useful breakdown of the PIP process on Scope's website, and there are also lots of members and advisors who will be happy to try and help you out along the way. I think the usual recommendation for those with fluctuating conditions is to fill out the form as if it was one of your worse days, rather than one of your better ones.

    Why don't you have a go at filling out the form when you're feeling up to it, and if you come across anything you're unsure about, ask on here and we'll do our best to support you. How does that sound?
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    Hi Nikki I was stressed and worried before I filled my forms in I ended up going to the CAB for help they where great and gave me encouragement they filled the form for me and also added a few things that I on my own would not have put down...I ended up getting a home assessment which when I knew I would be getting this it stressed me out as i had heard so much about the people doing the assessments etc but it turned out not to be as bad as i was expecting. I Ended up getting the High rate of mobility pip which I was afraid I would lose. I also got the lower care compound of PIP which was a bonus as i had never had this allowance before. So my advice would be to take the form as soon as you receive it to some one like CAB or another help agency as they are use to these forms and know what wording to put etc. Also remember that you have a chance to appeal again CAB will help you with this I would also advise you to get a supporting letter form your GP or Surgeon or any medical or carers also your MP is someone you could ask to give you a supporting letter. Hope this gives you more encouragement.
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    Hi nikxx and welcome

    There was a tribunal decision in march with regard to people in your situation and the government are in the process of making changes

    This is from DNS


    It is a good idea to get help fro, CAB or similar as you will need to make your case on the grounds of saety and reliability


    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste


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