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Hi, my name is paul2e0pbp!

Hi i got allowed the care package but they didnt renew mobility so now i have beg lifts to go chemists which deal with my meds and its a 1.5m walk no bus route same as doctors that about .5mile from bus stop and theres my house .5m from bus stop i have ostioarthritis sorry for spelling i have it from the top of my neck to my toes my knees and ankles are that bad i struggle to walk to local shop 400 yards away sorry if i'm going on i need advice what i can do i dont think i will be able to keep it up much longer legs hurt just sat here at computer on 120mg zomorph a day plus oramorph as and when needed  anyway nice to  let me join lets hope i can get some help or even just a little advice from the group thank you


  • Alex
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    Hi Paul,

    Welcome to the community, thanks for joining.

    Sorry to hear that you didn't get mobility. Did you appeal the decision?

    Have you thought about getting a mobility scooter? Would that help you get to the shops etc.

  • paul2e0pbp
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    Hi sorry been so long not really been in the mood to post anything since june i have now been getting NHS fines because it seems i'm not entitled to free scripts? i must be over 600 pound now i have done a reclaim for the right ESA but its taking for ever to sort out my health is worse since loosing the car i have now developed "policemans feet" cant remember the long word for it allso have severe nerve damage to my left side so bad a operation wont cure it but it will help eas the pain so the specialist say i'm in a mess i dont know which way to turn i feel like giving up and live on the streets haas to be easier than this **** i have to put up with begging :( sorry if i went on a bit thanks for the reply alex scooter i have one but i cant afford the new batteries it needs :(
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    Hi Paul

    If your contionon has worstened or you have a new condition you can apply for a chnge of circumstance and hopully get your mobility award back

    Have you applied for an HC2 to help with NHS costs ?
    It is foor people on low incomes and cvers prescriptions, dental costs and some othes stuff



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