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Diagnosed with Menieres Disease

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Yesterday I was diagnosed with Menieres Disease which Ive had for seven years. I had a hearing test at ENT which showed that the hearing in my left ear has got significantly worse in the last year. Ive had a hearing aid for more than ten years, but recently have felt that its not helping. I now have to have an earmould rather than the dome shaped ear piece.
Im worried that I might lose all hearing in my left ear and how it would affect me. Im also wanting information on medication for Menieres.


  • steve51
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    Hi @redjune

    Good Afternoon & Welcome.

    It’s Great to meet you this afternoon.

    I’m very sorry to hear about your left ear.

    Yes I lost all hearing in my left ear in 1998 following a “Stroke”

    Here’s some info for you below.

  • emmrald
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    Hi   Eugene isn't it funny we don't notice when we loose things my hearing was a problem for me 3 years ago then I had a hearing test and was informed that I was prafoundly deaf now it makes sense when I felt I was a tv with the volume turned down
  • redjune
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    I’ve been deaf in my left ear for quite a few years and have coped ok with it until about 14 months ago when it suddenly felt like the ear was completely blocked. Even so it was still a shock yesterday to find out that it was so much worse now compared to last year when I had a test. I just hope that nothing happens to my other ear.