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In need of advice - dysphasia/CP

ffiffitrixybell Member Posts: 1 Listener
I really hope no one minds me asking! I have 18 month old twins but am wondering about my girls twin. She has had no developmental delays and has reached all mile stones, she has however been diagnosed with dysphasia which is a bit of a mystery as to why. She walked quite quickly at 13 months but has always struggled with balance and coordination. She also gets knocked over very easily. Before she was diagnosed with dysphagia I had ask 3 doctors on 3 seperate occasions if her walking and lack of coordination and balance is normal and they’ve all reassured me. This evening while watching her running I really felt that it wasn’t just a normal unsteady toddler so googled it and came up with ataxic cp. Its just the combination of dysphasia and the walk with poor coordination and balance and a wide gate. She doesn’t seem to dysplay any other symptoms. My question is it possible that is could be ataxic cp in the absence of the other symptoms. Thank x